COUNTDOWN: Remembering TCracker – 45 amazing photos

Many Transformers fans will surely remember the work of TCracker, whether through his presence on TFW2005 or through his various social media channels. He was a very prolific toy photographer who never failed to delight with his expertly-posed, energetic pictures!

Sadly, today marks exactly three years since TCracker (whose real name was Simon) passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

So today, we’re paying tribute to our fellow Transfan by presenting 45 of his amazing photos.


MP-36 seemed to be a big inspiration for TCracker, and he frequently made the most of how expressive the toy is.


It’s impressive to see how well TC was able to take photos of some incredibly sizeable bots, with even Titans such as Legends Fortress Maximus looking like they were posed with ease!


TC was always very good at the kind of after effects seen here, really bringing his pics to life.



This is a very stoic pose but still has a real feeling of life.


This one is really well laid out and feels like it has a lot of action.


I’ve always admired creative photos such as this for how they use different toys effectively to convey a scene. The posing is what makes this one.


Despite just using a simple base plate and a black background, it’s the low-level composition that sells this one.


I really like this photo because I know how difficult it can be to arrange a set of vehicles in this manner, particularly ones as large as this.



As you can see here, a lot of TC’s pics had great humour to them.


And again! It’s the Dirge knuckle crack that gets me.



Sometimes it’s about taking a toy and finding a new way to pose and shoot it.


The binoculars really get me here.


Some of these are really not easy toys to pose, yet TC was able to give a real feeling of motion.


You can feel the menace.


I like the angle on this one, as it helps to convey the sense of comparative scale.



C’mon, this one is just adorable, no?


Another impressive pose and, again, some great after-effects.


Simple, but somehow very effective.




There are lots of little touches that really make this one work!


Again, it’s very simple, even using a twisty tie for the rope, but the posing really pulls it off!


I can only imagine this was a hassle to set up!




Another excellent example of a relatively straightforward shot… except the posing is working overtime! The camera angle is spot-on too.


Fantastic use of blast effect pieces and a well-composed scene.


I love the way the two condors are positioned here.


This one gets me every time.



A classic. Again, you can feel the energy here!


A brilliant combo of posing, camera angle and after-effects!


C’mon, you can hear this one.



I always thought TC did a good job at telling a story. Your mind immediately imagines the conversation here.


Some excellent prop work!



As with the vehicle mode shot, this one is really well put together. It can be very difficult to do a line-up like this, especially if you choose to get everything in focus.



This was one of the last photos TC posted and it’s still as adorable as ever.


A classic pose, done expertly well.

So, that’s our list. We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through some of TCracker’s finest moments, but if you’d like to see more then his Facebook page remains live and is very much worth a look. RIP.


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