COUNTDOWN: Masterpiece toys that should totally get Binaltech repaints

Ah, Transformers Binaltech. I may have mentioned before that I’m something of a fan.

Actually, that might be underselling it just a smidge. I’m ridiculously enthusiastic about the scaled-car line, especially after a recent voyage of rediscovery following a very self-enabling podcast episode on the topic. Ahem.

In any case, aside from being a tour de force of incredible toys unto itself, Binaltech (and Hasbro’s spin-off, Alternators) has some exceptional colour schemes, with various characters interpreted in a fashion not seen anywhere else in the franchise. So, I started pondering… what if?

Yes, for a bit of a laugh today, here are five Binaltech colour schemes imagined on Masterpiece toys. Do forgive my digibash ability (I’m no @chchchch1tf after all!), but hopefully they convey the idea in each case, at least!

#5: Tracks

Yellow Tracks is one of my favourite Binaltech toys, and not only because it’s a colour scheme that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s so blazingly beautiful that I can’t help but think it would look terrific on the MP-25 Tracks mould! My attempt is a little more sparkly than I would probably imagine it to be, but still, one can’t help but wonder. Somehow I think it’s unlikely to ever actually happen, though.

#4: Prowl

Blue Prowl is another colour scheme that is typically forgotten about now, but boy, could it be interesting to see on an official Masterpiece figure! I suppose the thing that counts against this idea is the presence of MP-18B Bluestreak, which is essentially the same mould in these same colours, but still, it’s fun to imagine!

#3: Dead End / Sunstreaker

When Binaltech Dead End was released, it was a real curveball for collectors who had expected the mould to be released in Sunstreaker colours first! Still, despite not looking all that much like the Stunticon it’s named after, the toy is nothing shy of breathtaking and could make for a fantastic repaint idea for MP-39 Sunstreaker, in my opinion!

#2: Arcee

There aren’t many potential repaints for Masterpiece Arcee (although one would imagine a Paradron Medic release may not be too far off!). So why not bring back the colour scheme of her first-ever(!) vehicular toy and reimagine her in the white and softer pink found on the 2008 Binaltech effort? Yes, the brightly-coloured headband and, erm, pants look a little odd in my digibash effort, but I’m sure TakaraTomy could make it work somehow!

#1: Smokescreen

Oh, come on, could it be anything else? If you don’t get pumped about the very idea of a livery-covered Smokescreen, you probably weren’t a Binaltech believer! In any case, I’d love to see MP-18 Smokescreen decked out in full blue and sponsored up to the nines, even if such a thing defies all logic in terms of car logos and the whatnot. At the end of the day, this is total wish-fulfilment stuff, so just go with it!

So, that’s our list. Are there any other Binaltech colour schemes on Masterpiece toys you’d love to see?


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