COUNTDOWN: MP-56 Trailbreaker – everything to know! (part 2)

New Masterpiece reveals are always cause for excitement, especially when they look as hot as this!

Yes, just last week, TakaraTomy dropped a look at the next character to be given the high-end treatment – it’s Trailbreaker! It was a surprise, given he hasn’t been so much as teased before this, but who’s complaining?

We’ve already had a slew of beautiful photos and details about the new toy, so today, let’s comb through everything you need to know about MP-56.

Be sure to check out part one first, in case you missed it!

#13: It has the signature wrist blaster

There are plenty of robot mode accessories, including Trailbreaker’s signature wrist blaster. This piece is chromed and looks reminiscent of the G1 toy too, especially with the small ridged detail on the middle of the barrel.

#12: But you can replace this with a regular hand too

Should you prefer a pair of more typical hands, this option is also available, as there’s a swappable appendage in the box. They look to be reasonably articulated, too.

#11: There is another optional hand attachment

That’s not the last of the options for hand attachments, though, as there’s also a ‘multi nozzle’ accessory which replicates the scene of Trailbreaker making a forcefield from More than Meets the Eye (Part 1). Again, this features a chromed finish.

#10: It has the two shoulder weapons

His final weapons are both found on his shoulders, as one would expect from a Trailbreaker design! They’re a classic part of his look and are presented here on articulated arms for a spot of extra poseability, and, again, are finished in chrome.

#9: There is at least one blast effects piece

The Masterpiece line has incorporated more blast effects pieces in recent times, and MP-56 is no different, with this green translucent effort capable of attaching to both his arm and shoulder cannons. The promotional blurb mentions “effects parts” in the plural, but it appears to be just the one piece, as confirmed by the image of all the accessories.

#8: There are two alternate faces

You then get a pair of additional faces, making for three options altogether. There’s a very charming smile, which looks spot-on to his cartoon portrayal, and a useful ‘shouty’ face too!

#7: The season 1 roster is nearing completion…

So, Trailbreaker is finally here, but there are still some heavy hitters to be done before we have a complete roster of the G1 cartoon’s first season. If you put all the random Seeker repaints to one side, it leaves you with names such as Mirage, Jazz and four of the remaining Minibots to be realised in terms of the Autobots, and just Reflector and the Constructicons to go for the Decepticons. This is all assuming the recently-leaked photos of Masterpiece Cliffjumper amount to anything, and that the tease of Masterpiece Skyfire comes to fruition too! So near and yet, so far.

#6: People are speculating about Hoist

Naturally, attention has already turned to the idea of a potential Hoist retool of some kind, as fans are tremendously excited about Grapple’s best buddy finally being realised in official form. That said, the two animation models don’t share all that much in common in terms of details, and they’re proportionally very different too, so some are suggesting a whole new mould might be in order. Either way, it will be fascinating to see!

#5: And there are other potential repaints

Even if Hoist does prove to require an entirely new mould, plenty of potential repaints can be mined out of MP-56. Here’s hoping that we get to see both blue and yellow recolours in homage to the various Diaclone versions of the G1 mould, neither of which have ever been officially named characters in Transformers! It would mean a serious tick on the remaining Masterpiece Diaclone roster.

#4: Could there be a toy-styled retool?

One might also hope that TakaraTomy eventually sees fit to give MP-56 a toy-styled makeover, too, ideally with a new head and even some attempt at recreating the original figure’s ‘arm shields’. There have already been attempts in the third party world, but there’s little doubt that the Masterpiece line could be the ultimate interpretation of such an idea. That said, we’re still waiting to see it happen for Sunstreaker, Hound and Tracks…

#3: Where does this leave FansToys’ attempt?

Speaking of third party, spare a thought for FansToys, won’t you? After all, they’ve been trying to get their Outrider figure off the ground since 2016(!), and now, six years later, it’s finally set to happen when TakaraTomy are only but a few months behind them! There have been many other attempts at the character over the years (notably from Badcube, Ocular Max and X-Transbots), but many collectors have been holding out for the FT version to finally land. Is it too late?

#2: It’s scheduled for December

Whilst Outrider is currently due to drop around September time, it seems as though MP-56 will be with us by the end of this year too! With a December release date announced, it might mean that some western collectors end up waiting until early 2023 to have their copies in hand, mind, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

#1: The price has also been confirmed

The price has also been revealed, and, at 21,780 JPY, it’s definitely more than recent releases such as MP-53 Skids. Still, it translates to $152.99 currently, which is actually cheaper than FansToys release by a fair margin, for what it’s worth! I can’t wait!

So that’s our list! Are you excited about MP-56 Trailbreaker?


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