COUNTDOWN: MP-56 Trailbreaker – everything to know! (part 1)

New Masterpiece reveals are always cause for excitement, especially when they look as hot as this!

Yes, just last week, TakaraTomy dropped a look at the next character to be given the high-end treatment – it’s Trailbreaker! It was a surprise, given he hasn’t been so much as teased before this, but who’s complaining?

We’ve already had a slew of beautiful photos and details about the new toy, so today, let’s comb through everything you need to know about MP-56.

#24: It looks to be very cartoon accurate

Perhaps the most obvious point to note is that MP-56 is very heavily styled after Trailbreaker’s portrayal in the 1980s’ Sunbow cartoon, as is typically expected of the Masterpiece line. Some collectors were hoping for a further departure from the norm after the slight curveball that was MP-53 Skids, but there’s little doubt what notes the designers were trying to hit here. Perhaps the only real point of contention has been the colour palette used, with some not sure that the cool tones on the toy necessarily matched the animation models typically found online. However, it appears we’re just too used to seeing slightly discoloured portrayals from degraded VHS copies, perhaps! Needless to say, TakaraTomy has this one spot on.

#23: There are quite a few accessories

Another thing you can always rely on the Masterpiece line for is accessories, and MP-56 doesn’t disappoint in that regard. There are numerous gimmicks and features on offer, all of which we will go over in detail below. This looks to be a fun package overall!

#22: It has a licensed vehicle mode

And, of course, the vehicle mode is a licensed effort, expertly recreating the early 1980s Toyota 4WD Hilux camper truck mode with aplomb. You can see the Toyota branding on the side of the truck, and no doubt it will be adorning the finished packaging, too! This mode also boasts Trailbreaker’s signature red, orange and yellow stripe pattern.

#21: The vehicle mode is pretty lush!

Needless to say, the vehicle mode is a stunner! The paint job on offer looks immaculate from the promotional photography we’ve seen, and it’s also decked out with some blinding chrome and attractive translucent blue windows. There are also some intricate details, such as the windscreen wipers and painted wing mirrors. I know I can’t wait to see this one in hand!

#20: There’s an opening bonnet with moulded engine detail

Getting into the detail of the vehicle mode, MP-56 features an opening bonnet containing some decent moulded detailing for the engine underneath. We’re seeing more and more of this kind of thing in Masterpiece, and it’s appreciated.

#19: And opening doors

In keeping with toys such as MP-44, MP-56 will also sport opening doors that allow you to pop a human minifigure inside (although none are included in the package here). It doesn’t appear as though there’s much of an actual interior to speak of, but still, it’s a bit of fun!

#18: There’s also an alternate bumper

Turning attention to the front of the vehicle mode, its default look is a real-world-accurate chromed bumper, complete with headlights and detail as you would expect to see on an actual Toyota. However, MP-56 comes with an optional bumper and grill section, all designed to give the truck form even more of an animation flavour. It looks a little unusual, but that’s cartoon accuracy for you!

#17: And an antenna

There are many more accessories aimed at replicating specific cartoon scenes included here, beginning with this add-on antenna piece. It’s a nod toward the episode, More than Meets the Eye (Part 2), where Trailbreaker takes Spike and Sparkplug out on an eavesdropping mission and listens in on the Decepticons.

#16: The ‘decoration seal’ is a weird accessory!

Arguably the weirdest vehicle mode accessory is the so-called ‘decoration seal’, which appears to be an optional piece that replaces the right-hand window somehow. It’s coloured the same as the main body of the vehicle mode and is again a nod to that surveillance scene from the second part of the cartoon’s pilot episode, wherein you can see that Trailbreaker’s windows are blocked out, rather bizarrely. It’s not currently known if this feature can be used on both sides (as you see it on both in the cartoon), but it’s an oddity either way!

#15: The robot mode captures the proportions of the character nicely

Moving on to the robot mode, it’s worth acknowledging the incredible work of the designers bringing Trailbreaker to life here. He looks absolutely spot on how we think of him from the cartoon, yes, but they’ve also captured the personality very well, in my opinion. Plus, how can you not love that dadbod figure going on?

#14: It also looks to be quite articulated

As somewhat expected, MP-56 seems pretty poseable, too, at least capable of pulling off a kneeling pose fairly gracefully. There appear to be butterfly hinges in the shoulders, a decent waist swivel and good range on all the limbs.

Be sure to check out part two!


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