COUNTDOWN: Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection: everything to know! (part 5)

Another week, another fantastic set of toy reveals. Oh, Hasbro (and Takara), you really are spoiling us!

This time around, we’ve been treated to several Transformers Legacy toys that are part of a broader set of releases known as a ‘Wreck ‘n Rule Collection’, with more yet to follow. They’re already creating quite the buzz online, so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about!

Last time we looked at Bulkhead; now we move on to the final figure to be revealed…

#8: The final character in the collection is Twin Twist

Completing our Wreck ‘N Rule Collection line-up (at least for now) is Twin Twist! This reveal wasn’t too much of a surprise, considering it leaked a little early online, but still, it’s a neat makeover for a character who has a long association with the Wreckers in Transformers history. He’s now presented in dark blue, red and grey, which is quite a departure from how we usually see him in this franchise.

#7: Twin Twist is one of the original Wreckers crew

The Transformers (Marvel UK) #82, artwork credit: Gascoine

Twin Twist’s inclusion makes sense, given his long-standing history of being part of the Wreckers. In fact, he was one of the original line-up, first appearing in the Marvel UK comic on the cover of #82 alongside the rest of the team. He participated in the legendary Operation: Volcano as part of the Target: 2006 storyline and was a consistent presence in the ranks all the way through to Time Wars, where – SPOILER ALERT! – he ended up having his head ripped off by Galvatron. Oops! In any case, Twin Twist is synonymous with the gang in many ways, so his inclusion in this collection of toys is great to see.

#6: The new toy is a repaint of Titans Return Twin Twist

As many have already noted, the new release is a straight-up repaint of Titans Return Twin Twist from 2017, although with a very different colour scheme. There is no remoulding to speak of, meaning that he even retains his Titan Master partner, Flameout, from the previous version, although in this case, it appears as if he isn’t explicitly named.

#5: It now has a Diaclone-inspired colour scheme

The new colours aren’t entirely random, though! It’s a nod towards the pre-Transformers Diaclone line, which famously featured many of the toys that would later be licensed to become the first robots in disguise in 1984-85. Twin Twist was part of a pair of toys named Baku-Ten Attack Robo and was available in two colour schemes, including the one homaged in the Wreck ‘N Rule Collection and another with a greyish-blue chest. The toys would become known as Jumpstarters when they were repainted for the Transformers line, so-called because of their pull-back-and-go spring-loaded transformation gimmick.

#4: The colour scheme is also a nod to the 1985 Transformers packaging

However, Hasbro designer Mark Maher has revealed this colour scheme is also an intentional nod towards the 1985 Transformers packaging, specifically the iconic battle scenes featured on the back of the boxes. There are many instances of characters being featured with their pre-Transformers colour schemes here (see also the Deluxe Insecticons in their Takatoku Armored Insect Battalion Beetras guises and, perhaps most notably, the red Tracks). Still, you may have to squint a little to see Twin Twist… have you spotted him yet? Maybe this will help…

Yes, he’s there, in the now-familiar red and blue! Mark has mentioned that he always wanted to see this colour scheme on the character.

#3: It’s prompted a big question amongst fans

Despite Twin Twist looking pretty swish in his new repainted look, there is one question that many people have immediately asked online: where’s Topspin? The Jumpstarter posse so commonly comes as a pair that it’s unusual to see one without the other for a change! A fair few folks have mentioned that it would have been good to have seen another 2-pack release of some kind here but it seems it was not to be for whatever reason. Still, as Mark Maher has mentioned, there may be further Wreckers releases down the line, so perhaps it may still happen.

#2: The full box art has been revealed

Now that the entire team has been unveiled, we also have complete sight of that gorgeous box artwork, including the assembled mural! I’ve been consistently impressed with the Legacy packaging so far, but I think this may be a bit of a crowning achievement, with the various boxes slotting together perfectly to create a captivating design.

Interestingly, Mark Maher took to Instagram yet again to share his initial sketch of how he had envisaged this compilation to look and, well, you have to admit that he nailed it with the various nods at play! I was particularly intrigued to see that the statue in the background was modelled after the similar examples seen during the 1986 Transformers movie’s coronation sequence!

Photo credit: Mark Maher

Of course, it also leaves us in no doubt about the identity of the mysterious looming figure, and yep, we guessed it, it’s Emirate Xaaron! The ‘wily old buzzard’ of the G1 Marvel UK comic storyline looks fantastic! However, it seems as though his presence will remain purely on the packaging for now, as despite speculation to the contrary, there’s no new toy in sight. Still, it’s great to see him referenced in this manner!

#1: As has the mysterious Wrecker hammer!

As for the final big reveal, it’s the Wreckers hammer that has been teased since the first part of this set was unveiled! As well as being held by Xaaron in the packaging artwork, the hammer will be physically represented as a cardboard model, with one piece contained in each box. It’s a fairly sizeable old thing, too, looming large over the actual toys in this case, all of which caused a lot of commentary online. Many fans felt that the cardboard solution was a little underwhelming, whilst others questioned the ‘iconic’ nature of the Wreckers hammer, especially as it doesn’t obviously refer to an established bit of classic canon.

Well, perhaps not anyway… although we posited in part 3 that it might be a reference to a particular 2001 3H comic, it also appears as though the hammer may have been under our noses this whole time! Could it be that this was the actual inspiration all along? Either way, it’s fun to speculate.

Anyway, for my money, I think the hammer is a fun extra in what is otherwise a very diverse set of toys. There are a lot of bases covered here, with Marvel UK, G1 toys, obscure G2, Diaclone, Transformers: Prime, and even the live-action movies all given a nod over just seven toys. What else is there to say, except WRECK ‘N RULE!

So, that’s the finished list for now! Are you excited about the Wreck ‘N Rule Collection?


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