COUNTDOWN: LEGO Optimus Prime – the best tweets!

Before time began, there was the brick. 

We know not where they come from, only that they hold the power to create worlds and fill them with life.

Yes, in case you’ve somehow missed it in the last 48 hours or so, LEGO is delivering on our collective childhood dreams by unveiling the one-and-only Autobot leader, Optimus Prime!

Consisting of over 1,500 bricks, standing 13.5 inches tall, boasting 19 points of articulation and featuring a slew of familiar accessories, it’s only fair to say that this will be a popular product amongst Transformers and LEGO fans alike! Oh, and the best bit is… it actually transforms!

To say the level of online excitement reached a fever pitch pretty quickly is an understatement. So today, let’s look at some of the best tweets on the topic to see what’s going on!


Starting with one of the tweets from the official LEGO account itself, as I defy any Transformers fan to watch the enclosed vid and not feel at least a slight swell of excitement! For me, it was the use of the classic Sunbow cartoon score in the background that did it, particularly from about 13 seconds or so in. Oh, and the universal greeting was a nice touch, too… well played, LEGO.


Here we have an announcement from the designer of this stunning piece! I can only imagine that this must’ve been an absolute dream project to work on.


And yes, Joe used to be a designer for the Transformers brand as well – what a perfect appointment! The amount of love that’s gone into the final product is clear.


So there were a lot of reactions like this, but somehow I think this one captures the mood very succinctly. “A literal childhood dream come true” indeed.


It’s fair to say there was a lot of disbelief, too, especially as to how great the thing actually looks! I think many of us had an idea of what a LEGO Optimus Prime might look like… and this has undoubtedly surpassed it.


What’s fantastic is that a lot of the praise was being heaped on the truck mode, which isn’t always the case for new Optimus Prime toys. It’s true; this particular rendition does look extremely good!


And yes, the lack of ‘fake parts‘ (and the non-partsforming nature of the transformation) was not lost on many people…


G1 Transformers will always be bricks. It’s tradition.


Some (jokingly) speculated on building their own version…


…whereas some already have!


OK, so this was a gut punch, not gonna lie.


The product photography caused a bit of comment, too, with the, er, ‘lifestyle’ shots making people chuckle in particular!


Then there’s the size of it! Yep, it’s a whopper, alright.


There was some consideration for LEGO Optimus Primes of days gone by…


…quite a bit of it, actually!


Although it’s fair to say this release blows any previous brick-based attempts out of the water!


There were plenty of other LEGO Transformers shown off, and many of them were incredible – like this one! Definitely a superior effort.


These are also *incredible*!


It’s fair to say that the whole thing has already fired up some imaginations.


The whole “convert and roll out!” tagline certainly caused some comments…

PS – if you’re still unsure about why this is, there’s a whole thread exploring it here:


And the eagle-eyed collectors were on the case immediately!


It says everything that some people took this tweet very literally.


Oh, and it looks like there’s a second release already on the wa— wait a minute…


I don’t want to admit how much this one made me laugh.


And finally, there was this, which… well, mood.

So that’s our list! Are you excited about the new LEGO Optimus Prime?


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