COUNTDOWN: Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection: everything to know! (part 4)

Another week, another fantastic set of toy reveals. Oh, Hasbro (and Takara), you really are spoiling us!

This time around, we’ve been treated to several Transformers Legacy toys that are part of a broader set of releases known as a ‘Wreck ‘n Rule Collection’, with more yet to follow. They’re already creating quite the buzz online, so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about!

Last time we looked at Springer; now we move on to the next figure to be revealed…

#8: The next character in the collection is Bulkhead

Yes, in news that arguably caused little surprise for some, Bulkhead is the next character to be unveiled in this new collection of Wreckers! I say that because he already has an association with the group in some continuities, and, like Springer, the design in question isn’t necessarily one with lots of obvious repaints. Still, he’s looking pretty swish, now with a snazzy camouflage paint job!

#7: It’s a repaint of the Legacy toy

Again, I’m sure it’s no shock to see the Legacy Bulkhead design being given another outing, although perhaps it’s come a lot sooner than anticipated, given the original is still available at retail as we speak! Still, there are numerous differences between them in terms of the paint job, with that camo pattern adding some contrast to the design and a lot of dark translucent black plastic used in place of the original’s light blue. There is also a new accessory to note, but we’ll come to that in a moment!

#6: It was inspired by Age of Extinction Hound

Hasbro designer Mark Maher took to Instagram to drop a few tidbits about this new toy, and he confirmed that the inspiration behind the new look is none other than Hound from Transformers: Age of Extinction! That’s likely to delight many fans who hold that character in high esteem, not to mention my long-suffering wife, who now has one less name to remember…

#5: But it also looks a bit like an unproduced G2 toy…

What’s also interesting is that although it’s probably a coincidence, the new Bulkhead paint scheme does bear more than a passing resemblance to a long-forgotten and unproduced toy from Generation 2! Back in 1995, we got a glimpse of a release named “General Optimus Prime” in the Toy Fair catalogue, which was to be a repainted Auto Roller, sitting alongside the previous characters, Road Block and Dirtbag. Sadly it was never to be, joining the ranks of the dozens of unproduced G2 toys, but maybe it lives on in spirit now, at least!

#4: Bulkhead was canonically a Wrecker in Transformers: Prime

Bulkhead’s appearance in the Wreck’ N Rule collection does have canonical merit, as he was a member of the Wreckers in the Transformers: Prime continuity, alongside that universe’s Wheeljack. It’s established that Bulkhead immensely enjoyed his time on the team, with their motto being “Wreckers don’t call for back-up – they call for clean-up!” Ultimately though, he left in favour of joining Optimus Prime’s crew as he was so inspired by the Autobot commander. What’s interesting is that names of some other Wreckers are mentioned in the show, and they’re all references to established members of the team in other continuities, including Impactor and Roadbuster from the G1 Marvel UK comic and Rotorstorm and Pyro from IDW’s Last Stand of the Wreckers.

#3: It features a hammer very reminiscent of another TF: Prime character

As mentioned, this release does feature a new accessory, with Bulkhead now armed with a fairly sizeable hammer weapon (which can also be stored in his vehicle mode). It’s been confirmed by Mark Maher that this is a nod towards Breakdown from Transformers: Prime, who was a longtime rival of Bulkhead and typically wielded such a weapon. Seems like Bulkhead is keeping this one as a trophy!

#2: More of the box art has been revealed…

Of course, with a new reveal in the Wreck’ N Rule line-up, we have another piece of that gorgeous jigsaw-style box artwork to admire! Even better, we can now decipher more of the looming figure in the background (my money’s still on this being Emirate Xaaron!), particularly what they’re holding! Looks like this may be the fabled “Wreckers Hammer”, a piece of which will be in each of the five boxes in this set. And yes, it looks very similar to how we speculated it might last time…

#1: There could be future Wrecker releases…

Photo credit: Mark Maher

In the final bit of exciting news, it seems like there may even be the possibility of further Wreckers releases down the line. Mark Maher wrote, “Its looking like alot of people are really feeling this capsule program and I couldn’t be happier about it. I had a whole slew of characters slated for this program. With the overwhelming feedback here I might be able to get the rest of the boys I know all of you want. I’m right dere with all of you fans!” Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Be sure to join us for part 5 soon, when we’ll be looking at the rest of the Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection!


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