COUNTDOWN: Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection: everything to know! (part 3)

Another week, another fantastic set of toy reveals. Oh, Hasbro (and Takara), you really are spoiling us!

This time around, we’ve been treated to several Transformers Legacy toys that are part of a broader set of releases known as a ‘Wreck ‘n Rule Collection’, with more yet to follow. They’re already creating quite the buzz online, so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about!

Last time we looked at Leadfoot and Masterdominus; now we move on to the next figure to be revealed…

#7: The next character in the collection is Springer

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the next figure revealed in the Wreck ‘n Rule Collection is Springer! The triple changer is a fan-favourite Autobot and has a long association with the Wreckers team in fiction. With few potential repaints to his name, it also makes sense that Hasbro would want to give this particular design another outing.

#6: It’s a repaint of the Siege toy 

In case it wasn’t obvious, this new release is a straight-up repaint of the popular Siege figure from 2019, now entirely overhauled with a new colour scheme. Sure, he’s still green, grey and yellow, as one would expect for the character, but the tones are very different and give quite a varied feel overall. Will it be enough to tempt collectors who already own the Siege version? I guess we’ll see!

#5: It has a colour scheme inspired by the G1 toy

The colour scheme seems very likely to be inspired by the original Springer toy from 1986, which varied a fair bit from his cartoon portrayal at the time. The most apparent aspects carried over to the Legacy release are the all-yellow chest sections, the green thighs, the two-tone green face and the placement of the grey on the shoulder sections. Sadly, the new release lacks the gorgeous circuitry-styled stickers from the vintage version, so it perhaps stops short of stuff like the recently-revealed Generations Selects Cyclonus in that regard.

The Transformers (Marvel UK) #84, artwork credit: Senior / Hart

Interestingly, Springer did feature this colour scheme in fiction at least once during Generation 1. His first appearance in the Marvel UK run of the comic took heavy inspiration from the corresponding toy, although after this, he would subtly fall much more in line with his cartoon model’s aesthetic.

#4: Springer is historically portrayed as the leader of the Wreckers

The Transformers (Marvel UK) #166, artwork credit: Anderson / Elliott

Springer is typically shown to be a member of the Wreckers whenever he and the team are featured in any particular continuity, including in the Dreamwave and IDW comic runs. Yet in Marvel UK’s G1 storyline, he is first shown to step up as the leader of the group, taking the reigns after – SPOILER ALERT! – the previous commander, Impactor, is killed in the line of duty. Springer is shown to be unsure of his promotion at the start, feeling guilt at how it came to pass, and suffers from severe indecision as a result. However, he soon shows himself capable and eventually leads the charge in the Time Wars saga.

#3: It features the blue Wrecker symbol

One aspect of the new toy’s design that has already caused some conversation is the decision to give him the blue Wreckers insignia on his chest. As discussed in part 1, the symbol has a long association with the team. Yet, not everyone will be enthused to see it represented here, on what could otherwise be a very toy-accurate attempt at the character. Still, it does the job of separating this figure from the Siege release a little more!

#2: The symbol may be a direct comic nod

Although the colour scheme of the new release clearly references the G1 toy, the Wreckers symbol being placed on Springer may be a direct nod to the very first time the insignia was ever used, in the comic known as Transformers: The Wreckers #1, published by 3H Productions for Botcon 2001. As noted by artist Dan Khanna above, the story’s opening scenes briefly feature Springer and clearly show him bearing the logo on his chest. Given the effort that’s gone into representing this symbol (over the alternate design shown in the current IDW comic run), it’s entirely possible someone behind-the-scenes turned to this issue for inspiration.

#1: That same comic may provide a clue about the Wrecker hammer

Picture credit: Dan Khanna

Despite being three reveals deep (and with at least one more leaked already…), we’re still no closer to knowing what the reported ‘Wrecker hammer‘ multipart bonus accessory is all about! However, Dan Khana’s post already reveals another potential clue, as the reverse of the 2001 3H comic features a very interesting piece of artwork… could this be it? It also looks like the kind of tool that the Emirate Xaaron figure (assuming it is him!) in the background of the packaging art might be holding, so we will see!

Be sure to join us for part 4 soon, when we’ll be looking at the rest of the Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection!


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