COUNTDOWN: Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection: everything to know! (part 1)

Another week, another fantastic set of toy reveals. Oh, Hasbro (and Takara), you really are spoiling us!

This time around, we’ve been treated to several Transformers Legacy toys that are part of a broader set of releases known as a ‘Wreck ‘n Rule Collection’, with more yet to follow. They’re already creating quite the buzz online, so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about!

First up, we have the 2-pack containing Impactor and Spindle!

#10: All of the characters in the collection are now Wreckers

IDW’s Transformers: Wreckers – Tread & Circuits #1, artwork credit: Lawrence

In case this point wasn’t obvious, the whole theme of this new collection is that the characters are all supposed to be Wreckers, a elite group of Autobot commandos that date all the way back to the Marvel UK Transformers comic from the 1980s. The classic line-up included names such as Springer, Twin Twist and Sandstorm, but the roster has evolved a lot over the years, especially with changing continuities. The Wreckers have been popularised in series such as the IDW comics, Transformers: Prime and even the live-action films.

One thing that has typically remained the same is the Wreckers’ motto of ‘wreck ‘n rule!’, which this new series of toys takes its name from. The team is currently being portrayed with a new set of faces in IDW’s Transformers: Wreckers – Tread & Circuits series.

#9: Every toy features the blue Wreckers emblem

One design choice that’s certainly caught the eye of many fans already is the blue Wrecker symbol adorning each of the toys. This alternate emblem for the group has been in play since it first appeared in the 3H comic series, Transformers: The Wreckers, and could be seen on the box for the accompanying Botcon-exclusive toys such as 2001’s Tigatron (with the toy itself also featuring an optional decal). Whilst it’s not been used for every iteration of the team, it has popped up in unusual places since, including on the 2014 Generations Roadbuster release, again as an optional sticker. It now being used as the default faction insignia on a series of new mainline toys is arguably a little unprecedented, especially as it doesn’t match the updated logo seen in the current IDW comic series (seen above).

#8: Impactor is a character originating from the G1 Marvel UK comic

Though he’s since appeared elsewhere, Impactor’s origin dates all the way back to 1986, when he appeared in the Marvel UK Transformers comic. He was first featured in #78 as part of the fan-favourite storyline, Target: 2006, although – SPOILER ALERT! – he doesn’t end up making it out of that tale alive after being shot through the head in a gruesome moment! He does reappear (in zombie form!), although his legacy (eh?) was cemented after the character was later featured in the IDW comics, most notably in the equally-classic Last Stand of the Wreckers.

#7: Impactor is a retool of the Siege toy

The new Legacy toy is not the first Impactor release over the years, but it’s also not the first use of this particular design, as it’s a clear retool of the Siege figure from 2019. However, it’s the first non-repainted mould of the character and transforms into a Cybertronian tank for the alternate mode. It has also been reused for the more IDW-accurate Fan Vote Battle 3-Pack release and the repainted Walmart-exclusive War for Cybertron Trilogy figure in 2020.

#6: He features a new head and chest design

Photo credit: Mark Maher

The design has been even more heavily overhauled this time, as Impactor has a brand new head and chest, bringing him distinctly more in line with his classic portrayal. Hasbro designer Mark Maher kindly shared some behind-the-scenes photos on his Instagram and confirmed that he worked on both these new toys with TakaraTomy’s legendary Shogo Hasui.

#5: Impactor now looks very close to his G1 comic appearance

The Transformers (Marvel UK) #82, artwork credit: Smith / Burns

With those changes in place, Impactor is undoubtedly a dead ringer for how he was portrayed in the pages of the G1 Marvel UK comic. There are still some differences, mind, including the obvious treads on the legs of the toy, but this is still by far the most accurate Impactor figure we’ve seen in the thirty-six years since he was created, so who’s quibbling?

#4: Spindle is a heavy retool of Kingdom Paleotrex

Also in the box with Impactor is this lass, a new Fossilizer figure in a colour scheme set to match her pack-in comrade. Known as Spindle, she’s a very heavy retool of Kingdom Paleotrex, although that’s maybe not immediately obvious!

#3: This is now the fourth use of this design

This isn’t the second use of the mould either. In addition to Paleotrex, we’ve also had the purple repaint known as Skelivore (surely an incredibly sly Masters of the Universe reference!) and the similarly-retooled Generations Selects Transmutate. It’s fair to say they’re all quite different, though!

#2: It features a lot of new parts!

Photo credit: Mark Maher

Spindle looks set to do something new with the design again, as evidenced by the number of new parts. Mark Maher once again has kindly shared some behind-the-scenes photos, giving us a real insight into how much of this figure will vary versus Paleotrex. There’s a new head and chest piece in robot mode, alongside various new parts for the dinosaur form. Mark has also confirmed some design nods to Power Core Combiners Grimstone from 2010, which is an unexpected homage!

#1: The mould now transforms into a Spinosaurus

All that retooling means Spindle transforms into a Spinosaurus, a first for this toy design! Found during the Cretaceous period, Spinosaurus is known for its large distinctive fin on its back and was the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs.

Be sure to join us for part 2, when we’ll be looking at the rest of the Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection!


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