COUNTDOWN: Legacy reveals – 34 things to know! (part 1)

What a week for new toy reveals, eh? It feels like we say that a lot, but honestly, it is well deserved this time, as the Hasbro Pulse Fan First Tuesday stream from yesterday did not disappoint! 

Along with exciting new looks at big toys such as Legacy Menasor and Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus, we were treated to numerous glimpses of other fantastic new products. So let’s round up everything else we’ve seen and check out some all-important info! 


#34: Soundwave is a re-release of the Siege toy with the weathering removed

First things first, it would be easy to forget that one of the new releases mentioned was a re-release of Siege Soundwave, except now without the notorious battle damage and weathering we saw on the original version. Some fans might be disappointed this wasn’t how the toy was initially presented, but it’s there now if you fancy it!  


#33: Blitzwing is a Leader class toy

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Naturally, there was a new (official) look at Legacy Blitzwing, and whilst we’ve done a bit of a deep dive on this release already, it’s still worth stating what a beefy thing it is. With three modes and a lot going on in one package, there’s no doubt this will be a tempting prospect for many collectors.


#32: The Energon weapons have a lot of functionality

It’s worth mentioning those Energon weapons (aka, the “Hulk hands”!), which we now know have *nothing* to do with Legacy Menasor! Still, they boast a lot of functionality for Blitzwing himself, beyond just making for a reasonably comedic (yet still undeniably awesome) set of boxing gloves in his robot mode. They can also be pegged in as extra guns on the tank form or used as thrusters for the jet. Neat.


#31: Blitzwing will be packaged in a closed box

We also now have a look at Blitzwing’s packaging and hubba hubba; that Legacy box artwork is as striking as ever! However, one thing that will create discussion is the closed box design, something we’ve seen on numerous larger toys of late. As expected, this is part of Hasbro’s push to reduce single-use plastics in their packaging, but it will inevitably lead to some concerns of theft or figure swapping as well, one suspects. Still, a worthy ambition. 


#30: Elita-1 is a Deluxe class toy

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Lo and behold, it’s a new Elita-1 toy, hot on the heels of her fan-favourite turn in the War For Cybertron series! She’s now presented with a redesigned car mode but still with the familiar burnt red and pink colour scheme. 


#29: The aesthetic is very G1 with some WFC nods

The most significant difference between the new toy and her WFC releases is its accuracy to the classic Generation 1 cartoon. In particular, the head sculpt is a very close approximation of how the character was portrayed in animation. However, it was confirmed on the live stream that there are still some nods to WFC in the design, which you can see if you look closely at areas such as the shoulders. 


#28: Her alternate mode is described as a dune buggy with a Cybertronian feel

There has been quite a lot of conversation about her new car mode already and, let’s be fair, it’s adorable! It was described on the stream as being a (sort of) dune buggy vehicle yet with a hint of Cybertronian influence. A lot of fans have their own ideas on that, though…


#27: A lot of people are making comparisons with a car from The Simpsons

Yep, it does bear at least a passing resemblance to ‘The Homer’ (or the ‘Homermobile’, as people sometimes call it) from the classic The Simpsons episode, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? If you think you’re the first person to make this joke, rest assured, you’re not. Sorry!


#26: The ‘crown’ on the car is a nod to the G1 cartoon

The ‘crown’ on the car mode has also been a point of curiosity, with many people loving it (but just as many not!). Whatever your take, it *is* accurate to the G1 cartoon again, although in fairness, Elita-1 can only be seen in her alternate mode in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in the episode, The Search for Alpha Trion. The stream also confirmed that the crown is removable, should you prefer!


#25: The robot mode backpack is adjustable

Although the promotional photography portrays Elita-1’s backpack with the wheel arches raised above her shoulders, designer Mark Maher mentioned that it is technically adjustable, as you could choose to have these sections positioned lower if you prefer. Options. 


#24: There’s some speculation about a Minerva retool

Artwork credit: Lawrence / Peer

Speaking of those raised wheel arches, they have a *lot* of collectors heavily speculating about a potential Minerva retool further down the line… especially given her appearance in the current IDW comic is identical to this toy.


#23: Elita-1 has 2 clear Energon weapons

Elita-1 is presented with two translucent plastic Energon weapons, which can also be pegged onto the sides of her car mode. It was mentioned they’re designed after the appearance of her gun in the G1 cartoon (which is clear!) but made to be a little more like a rifle as a nod to the character’s representation in War for Cybertron


#22: Knock-Out is a Deluxe class toy

Reposted from TFW2005

Next up is the appropriately-named Knock-Out, a new Deluxe class take on another fan-favourite character. This one has already created equal amounts of excitement and debate online, but needless to say, he looks pretty swish overall! 


#21: He is described as coming from the “Prime Universe”

As I’m sure most fans know, Knock-Out is a character originating from Transformers: Prime, which is acknowledged on the packaging. It’s not the first Legacy example we’ve seen from that continuity, but along with Bulkhead and Arcee, he has been given a makeover. 


#20: He is a heavy retool of SS86 Jazz

Many fans were keen to point out that Knock-Out is clearly a heavy retool of Studio Series ’86 Jazz, which was a point also acknowledged on the live stream during the reveal. However, even parts such as the things and forearms have been newly-moulded here.


#19: The head sculpt is very TF: Prime

Despite being a departure from his TF: Prime appearance overall, the one element that does pay close attention to that cartoon is the head sculpt, even down to the little ‘goatee’ stripe on his chin. Some fans would have preferred his trademark smirk, mind.


#18: The toy is based on a comic appearance overall

Artwork credit: Lawrence / Breckel

However, there’s little doubt that overall, the new toy’s aesthetic is heavily in-line with Knock-Out’s appearances in the current IDW comics, with the blockier style being a dead giveaway, along with the obvious detailing on areas such as the bonnet chest and abdomen.


#17: The car mode has a retro aesthetic

The car mode is also a clear IDW nod, even featuring the same detailing down the sides of the doors as what we saw on the page. It was described on the stream as having a 1980s (or maybe 1990s) vibe, which puts it in line with the “G1-ifying” of other characters from TF: Prime within Legacy. 


#16: He comes with a spear-like weapon that can also become a rifle

Knock-Out features a spear-like accessory reminiscent of his signature TF: Prime weapon, although it can be split to form a more traditional handheld blaster. 

Be sure to check out part 2!


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