COUNTDOWN: Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus – 15 things to know!

What a week for new toy reveals, eh? It feels like we say that a lot, but honestly, it is well deserved this time, as the Hasbro Pulse Fan First Tuesday stream from yesterday did not disappoint! 

Along with a very detailed look at delights such as Legacy Menasor, we saw a new Shattered Glass toy unveiled – Ultra Magnus! A retool of the Kingdom toy, it’s already caused tons of excitement online, so let’s look at everything you need to know about it, shall we?


#15: This is a representation of the evil universe version of Ultra Magnus

Despite the familiar colour scheme (more on that in a moment!), this is a take on an evil version of Ultra Magnus from an alternate universe. First established as part of the exclusive toys and comics at Botcon 2008, the Shattered Glass idea is very similar to stuff like Star Trek’s own mirror universe in that the good guys are now bad (and, in this case, the bad guys are actually good!). Many franchise favourites pop up, often with different colour schemes and the like.


#14: It features a purple Autobot logo

In keeping with the Shattered Glass aesthetic, Magnus now features a purple Autobot logo, meaning he’s one of the evil robots from that universe. Up is down and down is bad. 


#13: This is not the first toy of this version of the character we’ve seen

There have been two versions of SG Magnus in toy form before this, although the first one is really a bit of a stretch. That was 2004’s Battle in a Box repaint of Armada Optimus Prime, decked out in the classic colours of the character’s G1 inner robot. Though not intended as a representation of SG Magnus at the time, it was later retconned to be so. The first real toy came in 2012 as a Botcon exclusive, now in the colours more associated with the character.


#12: The previous SG Magnus toy was a Laser Prime repaint

The funny thing about that Botcon release is that it was a repaint of 2011’s Reveal the Shield Deluxe Optimus Prime, itself a homage to the original Laser Prime toy from Generation 2 in the ’90s. It was also the same design featured in the comic supporting the Botcon release and has become synonymous with the SG Magnus character ever since. Legacy now has its own take on Laser Prime in its ranks, so some collectors are surprised that the new Magnus toy isn’t a repaint of that design instead of the Kingdom figure. However, it appears as though the designers wanted to do something a little different with this one…


#11: The colour scheme is very Diaclone

Firstly, there was much made on the live stream about the colour scheme being an obvious nod to Diaclone, where the original Ultra Magnus toy was known as Powered Convoy and was instead seen in dark blue, red, grey and black. This colour scheme was initially planned to be featured in the 1986 Transformers movie before being switched out for the more familiar lighter blue, red and white. However, it would later make a comeback, first as the 2001 G1 reissue, ‘Movie Preview Magnus’, and then as the 2016 Masterpiece repaint, now given the name of Delta Magnus.


#10: The smaller robot was also mentioned as a nod to Magna Convoy

In addition, the live stream mentioned that the smaller robot form is a nod to Magna Convoy, a character first established as a blue repaint of Classics Optimus Prime with an e-HOBBY exclusive release in 2017. This take has been featured in a few comics in the years since then too.


#9: The skull head is a new mould based on the SG design

One of the most significant talking points about the new toy is the freaky skull-styled head design, which perfectly captures the evil presence of SG Magnus. The detail looks exceptional, and this is sure to be something a lot of fans will have fun with.


#8: The alternate head gives you the classic Diaclone look

For those who prefer a more classic vibe, an alternate head sculpt faithfully recreates the classic Diaclone / movie preview / Delta Magnus look (whichever of those is your jam!). A neat touch.


#7: You will need a screwdriver to swap the heads…

However, one aspect that did surprise me was that you will apparently need to use a screwdriver to switch the heads around. Whilst that’s not exactly anything new for Masterpiece (or third party) collectors, it seems like a strange solution for what is, on face value, a repaint of a child-orientated release. If anything, it suggests that’s definitely not the market Hasbro is targeting with this figure, although even a lot of MP stuff has moved away from needing a screwdriver now. A curious point.


#6: He has the same sword as Legacy Laser Prime

Eagle-eyed fans will no doubt notice that the sword included with SG Magnus is a translucent red version of the equivalent blade featured on Legacy Laser Prime (so there’s a nod towards that design, at least!).


#5: He also features the same Energon axe and Matrix

In addition, Magnus is equipped with a translucent red version of Laser Prime’s Energon axe (which can be combined with the sword) and a Matrix that can be pegged on towards the hilt to make a powered-up weapon.


#4: The sword resembles Magna Convoy’s Matrix Sword

Artwork credit: Shin Sasaki / Kazumasa Yasukuni

It may be a partial coincidence, but the powered-up sword/ axe weapon bears at least a passing resemblance to the Matrix Sword, an ancient blade featured in the Generations Selects and e-HOBBY exclusive comics. The sword is long thought lost but is eventually reclaimed and ends up in the hands of Magna Convoy (after initially being destroyed… it’s a long story).


#3: It’s also potentially a nod to the Terminus Blade

SG Magnus is also associated with another named sword as far as his past fiction goes, known as the Terminus Blade. This was another ancient (isn’t that always the way?) weapon that, in this case, could be used to cross dimensions, as shown in the SG comics. The blade was featured on the Botcon toy of the character, and whilst the weapon on the new figure doesn’t necessarily look the same, it was possibly intended as a loose homage. Or it may just be a random sword; who knows?


#2: There’s an exclusive cover of the first issue of the new Shattered Glass comic

Artwork credit: Casey Coller

As an extra nugget of excitement, the new Magnus toy is paired with an exclusive cover for IDW’s Shattered Glass #1, drawn by legendary transformer artist Casey W. Coller. Have a look at that for some fabulous artwork, eh? Phwoar!


#1: It looks hot AF

Final point then, and perhaps it’s an obvious one, but it can’t be overstated how lush this new toy looks! Something about the SG / Diaclone colour scheme seems to do this mould a lot of favours, and the new head sculpt is terrific too. Wicked stuff.

So, that’s our list! Are you excited about Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus?



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