COUNTDOWN: Everything on the way from X-Transbots (part 3)

Welcome to the final part of our round-up of everything* that X-Transbots has going on right now! That includes all current teases, reveals and items up for pre-order…. which is a lot of stuff! If you’ve missed them, be sure to check out part 1 and part 2, as we’re about to kick off with the rest of September 2022 onwards below!

*at the time of writing; there will probably be something new soon! 



Who is it? New TF design based on the Tyrrell P34 F1 race car

Estimated release: September 2022

Now we’re heading into the territory of some of the more creative and unusual designs that XTB have recently revealed, including a few repaints of their existing designs which look to recreate classic or iconic racing and rally cars. This take on their Drag Strip mould is a good example, in that it’s not one that we’ve ever seen done in Transformers before, but looks to be a very faithful recreation of the classic F1 deco from Tyrell. Racing fans will surely love it but either way, there’s little doubt that this is pretty easy on the eye, with some intentionally misspelt sponsor logos looking pretty swish.



Who is it? New TF design based on the 1978 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer

Estimated release: September 2022

Another classic car design brought to life here, with XTB’s Overdrive mould being put to very good use in replicating this classic 1978 racing look. Once again, the attention to detail here is quite remarkable, although one could speculate that some of the decals are flying a little close to the sun! In any case, as with the other Omnibot moulds, this one will also feature the third attack mode, which should certainly be something to see with all that livery in place!



Who is it? New TF design based on the 1978 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Competizione

Estimated release: September 2022

Another outing for the Overdrive design here, and another classic competition deco brought to life in stunning detail. The yellow really helps to set this one apart, so I can’t wait to see how it turns out in hand!



Who is it? Black chase keychain Cliffjumper

Estimated release: September 2022

Moving forward to the rest of September (which is currently slated to be a big month for XTB!), we have a number of new Minibot releases. First up is this, a black repaint of their Toro design, which is a reference to when the classic G1 Cliffjumper toy was released in keychain format in 2003. Takara put out four of the Minibots (with Bumblebee, Brawn & Windcharger also getting the treatment) as slightly re-moulded variants sporting a keychain attachment on their shoulders. However, they also released black ‘chase’ variants, which alongside the original colour schemes were all blind-boxed, so there was no way of knowing which one you had. I’m sure some will just be happy with the idea of Cliffjumper looking pretty mean in black, though!



Who is it? IGA blue Cliffjumper

Estimated release: September 2022

Hasbro wasn’t the only company to officially release Transformers toys during the 1980s, as numerous smaller outfits had licence to do so in various territories. One of these was IGA, a Mexican company that produced Minibot designs in different colour schemes, with one of those being a blue release of G1 Cliffjumper in 1985. Someone at XTB knows their Transformers history!



Who is it? Yellow Cliffjumper

Estimated release: September 2022

He’s more commonly known than the blue version, yet yellow Cliffjumper still causes some confusion! When the Minibots were first released in 1984, both Cliff & Bumblebee were available in red and yellow, which Hasbro has since acknowledged was a way of padding out the line somewhat. Yellow Cliffjumper often prompts questions as the G1 toy bears a passing resemblance to 1986’s Hubcap (although people also get it mixed up with Bumper, but that’s a whole other story…), but rest assured, this is a distinct release and one that XTB look to be making the most of.


#10: MM-10T TAP IN

Who is it? Botcon 2002 Tap-Out

Estimated release: September 2022

The final use of XTB’s Cliffjumper design is a reference to Tap-Out, who himself was a repaint of Cliff’s G1 design and was given out as a pre-registration freebie at Botcon 2002 (and later made available for online sale). The original toy used the same keychain remoulding as the black version mentioned above. XTB looks to have given their take on the character a much shinier finish than the original!



Who is it? 1986 Toy Fair catalogue pre-production Tailgate

Estimated release: September 2022

Wow, this one is *niche*! OK, so back in 1986, much of the upcoming Transformers toyline was shown off in Toy Fair, although numerous examples of the toys on display varied greatly to those that ended up on shelves. One of those was a yellow Tailgate with a red face, which is not something you miss very easily! This colour scheme has never been officially released (although there was a Mexican variant that came very close…) so this is the first time there’s actually been a toy you could buy that accurately reflects what was seen in that catalogue. Alright, it’s third party, but still!



Who is it? 1986 Toy Fair catalogue pre-production Hubcap

Estimated release: September 2022

In tandem with the yellow Tailgate above, this white version of XTB’s Hubcap mould is equally inspired by that same 1986 Toy Fair catalogue, with the pre-production G1 toy on display being a clear departure from what was eventually released at the time. Ironically, Hubcap ended up being yellow and Tailgate was white, but it’s fun to see what might have been with these two 3PMP figures.



Who is it? G2 Hubcap

Estimated release: September 2022

XTB has done some terrific G2-styled toys before (including the likes of their Beachcomber & Seaspray) but now we have a new addition to the ranks with Generation 2 Hubcap. This will actually be the last Minibot needed for all four of the original releases to now be done in MP-style, alongside XTB’s previous two efforts and MP-21G G2 Bumblebee, so maybe that’s something to look forward to, eh?



Who is it? Botcon 2002 Rook

Estimated release: September 2022

Like the keychain Cliffjumper story above, Windcharger went through a similar process only to then be repurposed as a Botcon 2002 pre-registration freebie, with the resulting grey character now known as Rook. The only real downside to the XTB updates to these two is that it seems unlikely that TakaraTomy will ever do either of the MP Bumblebee toys in a blue Gylph paint job to complete the Botcon set!



Who is it? Diaclone pre-production Ferrari BB

Estimated release: September 2022

XTB’s final release for September is this, another yellow take on their Overdrive mould. So, what separates this one from the rally version seen above? Well, this one is actually based on an existing toy, although not from Transformers. You see, all three of the Omnibots hail from Diaclone, where they were known as Double Changers (and were available at standard retail, as opposed to being mailaways). They had the same colour schemes as we know now, although there was marketing material from the time that showed they were at one stage planned to look very different, with the toy we would later know as Overdrive initially slated to be yellow with a red head. Now you can own such a thing, thanks to XTB!



Who is it? Diaclone pre-production Savanna RX-7

Estimated release: October 2022

Kicking off the October schedule is the next ‘Diamond Version’ from XTB, who in this case represents the pre-production Diaclone version of Camshaft. That green is really rather something, as is the fact that the original catalogue showcases the toy with a head very similar to G1 Bluestreak’s, something that XTB has wasted no time in replicating here. Now that’s attention to detail!



Who is it? Diaclone pre-production Celica XX

Estimated release: October 2022

The final pre-production Diaclone Double Changer is the Toyota that would eventually become Downshift (or Camshaft in Japan, mind). This is obviously the least varied of the three from the regular release in that it has the same colour scheme, but still XTB has gone the extra mile and given it an entirely new head, along with different coloured launchers and variances to the decals on the arms & hips.




Who is it? New TF design based on the Barry Sheene 1985 Team GB Toyota Supra

Estimated release: October 2022

Our final two releases on XTB’s slate are another pair of toys inspired by classic race cars, with this first effort seeing their Downshift design overhauled to look like the car driven by Barry Sheene in the 1985 Trimoco RAC British Saloon Car Championship. Once again, the attention to detail here is really something, with a mix of real and altered sponsor logos present all over, and a multi-coloured stripe pattern to die for. This is one I certainly don’t want to miss!



Who is it? New TF design based on the Rod Millen 4WD FB RX-7

Estimated release: October 2022

And finally, we have this rather spectacular specimen, a homage to the ‘Mazda America’ colours often associated with New Zealander, Rod Millen, who regularly won US championships during the 1980s with variations of 4WD first-gen RX-7s. To say this might be the most stunning of the lot is no understatement, so let’s hope it all turns out alright in hand come the final result!


So that’s your lot! Needless to say, X-Transbots have a lot of stuff going on. Which bits are you most looking forward to?


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