COUNTDOWN: 10 Masterpiece toys that are on the way… and 10 we’d love to see!

The TakaraTomy Masterpiece line continues to pump out high-end delights like they’re going out of style, and with so many different types of Transformers being put forward for the treatment, it’s genuinely exciting to think what they might do next!

Between Generation 1, movieverse and Beast Wars, there are a lot of potential characters who could be announced soon, so today we’re taking a look at ten toys confirmed to be on the roster already, and ten more we’d love to see happen before too long! Expect a bit of personal wishlisting ahead…


#20: On the way – Masterpiece Nightbird

It’s fair to say no-one really expected this one so soon! Even if you had pondered the idea of TakaraTomy doing an MP Arcee repaint of the one-episode wonder, Nightbird, I don’t think any of us could have predicted it would arrive as swiftly as it has. If you’re not yet familiar with the greatest female robot ninja of the Generation 1 cartoon series, then be sure to check out our article on her here!


#19: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Rhinox

The Beast Wars releases in the Masterpiece line have been solid favourites of mine ever since MP-32 Optimus Primal arrived back in 2016. TakTom has clearly been focusing on the season 1 cast above all else, despite the odd departure such as Beast Wars II Lio Convoy, although there are still more than a couple of names left to be ticked off the list yet! Amongst those is one of the most capable and reliable good guys in all of Transformers fiction, Rhinox, and I know that I for one would love to see ol’ Big Green finally done proper justice in toy form. Sure, there have been some fun attempts over the years (including the original ’90s toy, the Generations figure and the new Kingdom release), but none of them has really scratched the cartoon Rhinox itch in a way you just know a potential Masterpiece toy would. Two honkin’ chain guns to go, please!


#18: On the way – Masterpiece Thundercracker

MP-52 Starscream has only just dropped but we already have sight of the first two (of presumably many more) repaints soon to follow, with MP-52+ Thundercracker looking really rather swish for starters! Despite having initially felt a little weary about the very idea of another Masterpiece Seeker trio, I can’t deny these lads have more than won me over since their reveal, with TC’s powder blue adding a potent spin on the already stunning design.


#17: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Rattrap

For bootin’ up cold! Yes, it’s another Beast Wars entry on the list (and not the last either!) but c’mon now, if you’re gonna go for Rhinox then surely Rattrap cannot be too far behind. Unlike his horned friend, the fan-favourite rodent already has a toy that could arguably be claimed as a Masterpiece stand-in, with the Generations version even featuring a small element of compatibility with MP-32 Optimus Primal, but I’m still hoping for a full-on Masterpiece attempt at some point soon. C’mon, baby, c’mon, give it up for the rat…


#16: On the way – Masterpiece Skywarp

As is seemingly tradition now, TakTom saved the best till last with their new Seeker trio, as it wasn’t until we glimpsed eyes on MP-52+SW that we saw just how flippin’ gorgeous that toy design has the potential to be. Black and purple remains a Decepticon colour scheme for the ages and coupled with that striking orange canopy, it’s really making the most of what this mould has to offer. It might seem mad that we’re knee-deep in repaints already but at least they’re knocking them out quickly this time. Maybe there’ll even be Coneheads along the way soon, who knows?


#15: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Jazz

Oh, c’mon, of course he was gonna be on the list! Barely a conversation about the MP line goes by without someone speculating on the status of a potential Jazz release, and arguably that’s reached fever pitch of late due to a couple of developments elsewhere. There have been a few third party attempts over the years and more on the way, but still, I can’t help but think that TakTom could be the ones to truly nail what to many remains one of the most iconic characters in all of Transformers fiction. Plus, just imagine how sweet that officially-licensed Porsche alternate form could be, eh? We live in hope.


#14: On the way – Masterpiece Skyfire

Initially confirmed as a random mention in an update on the Masterpiece line from TakaraTomy, it wasn’t until we finally saw prototype pictures of the upcoming Masterpiece Skyfire that a lot of us really believed it might happen! It appears to be a toy they’ve been working on for some time, too, as this block prototype being photographed next to MP-10 might suggest. Updates on the project are sparse at the moment but this is one I can’t help but be intrigued by, no matter how long it might take to come to fruition.


#13: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Tarantulas

The Beast Wars entires in the Masterpiece line are generally quite Maximal heavy for the most part, with only Megatron and Blackarachnia to really rep for the Preds thus far (and even the latter of those is known to switch sides when it suits). So, it feels like it’s about time to see some real bad guy presence on the roster, and who better to take first billing than the mad scientist himself, Tarantulas? Sure, Waspinator, Inferno or Terrorsaur would be solid choices too (and Scorponok could also be there) but I have little doubt that this chuckling eight-legged lad could be something truly special.


#12: On the way – Masterpiece Skids

MP-53 Skids was announced earlier this year to a mixture of elation and bewilderment, as it seemed as if no-one could quite believe that he was the next choice for a spot in the line! It’s true that he’s not always been the biggest star of the Transformers franchise, although that doesn’t mean there aren’t already plenty of reasons to love him, not to mention be excited for the upcoming new toy. Included in that is how much of a departure Skids is from the more cartoonish style we’ve seen the line swerve towards of late, meaning that whatever your feelings about the whole thing, he represents a little something different at least. His November release date can’t come soon enough!


#11: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Airazor

Airazor’s star is currently on the rise quite a bit, what with her *excellent* Kingdom toy and her memorable appearance in the new cartoon already setting tongues a-wagging. Surely there’s never been a better time to give her a full-on high-end upgrade too then, especially as it would make an amazing accompaniment for the already impressive MP-50 Tigatron, and it would mean another big tick towards having a complete line-up of Masterpiece Maximals.


#10: On the way – Masterpiece Reboost

Skids isn’t even out yet and already we have repaints aplenty all confirmed! First up is this lad, who a lot of people initially seemed to think might be intended as an Optimus Prime toy of some sort! It’s hard not to see what they were getting at, although he’s actually a full-on Diaclone homage, known as ‘Reboost’ for the first time but representing the original Honda City R Diaclone toy from before Transformers was even a thing. Bizarrely, this one launches on the exact same day as Skids, but don’t expect him to be overshadowed at all!


#9: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Trailbreaker

OK, hear me out. Whilst Trailbreaker may not be up there in a lot of people’s wishlists, especially as he’s had umpteen third party attempts already, he remains an integral part of the original Ark crew and, in my opinion, could finally be done justice by TakTom were they to give him a go. The unofficial efforts have ranged from a bit wonky to pretty decent, although it’s still fair to claim there’s enough left on the table for the Masterpiece line to truly crush this once and for all. Plus, how fun would it be to see them deliver a truly worthy Hoist retool, eh?


#8: On the way – Masterpiece Crosscut

The third confirmed use of the Skids mould is the newly-announced MP-53+ Senator Crosscut. This is another of the silver Honda City R versions of the mould, named as Crosscut after the popular 2002 Collector’s Edition version of the G1 toy, and beginning life in Diaclone prior to Transformers. Many were surprised this wasn’t the first repaint on the roster but here it is, arriving not too soon after the first two in March 2022.


#7: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Transmetal Megatron

The final Beast Wars entry on this list, I promise, but I couldn’t neglect to mention this one! We’ve yet to see any indication that TakaraTomy will even attempt Masterpiece Transmetals but oh mama, my brain is on first just contemplating the idea. In many ways, this is a bit of a catch-all for me saying how much I hope the concept happens at all, but if it were to come to pass, there’s little doubt that Megatron would be the character I’d be most keen to see! After all, his original T-Rex form is already a super figure but arguably his next incarnation had even more iconic scenes in the second season of the cartoon. Then just consider how incredible that dinosaur mode could look with its shiny purple head, eh?


#6: On the way – Masterpiece Cliffjumper(?)

Photo credit: Transformers Prototypes

Well, I say ‘on the way’. We’ve still yet to have any kind of confirmation of the authenticity of the recently-glimpsed Cliffjumper prototype, but for my money, it at least looks like it could be legit. I’ve already discussed at length why I think this release could be an interesting one, but still, there’s plenty of excitement to be had at seeing the little red Autobot finally done justice in the Masterpiece line, regardless of your thoughts on it being an MP-45 retool.


#5: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Windcharger

Speaking of small Autobots who need a re-do, how about this little lad, eh? Windcharger may be most famous for his ridiculous white coat and then for dying off-screen, but still, he’s sporting an amazing design and a sweet Pontiac alternate form that would be wonderful to see replicated in Masterpiece form. I’d also add that whereas some of his contemporaries have been attempted several times over by unofficial sources, Windcharger still only has one such effort to his name, with X-Transbots Boost. That toy has its merits but still can’t help but feel like a bit of a stand-in compared to what TakaraTomy could potentially do with the character.


#4: On the way – Masterpiece Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime

Not to forget about the movie side of things, we of course have *another* Masterpiece Optimus Prime on the way this month! That’ll be MPM-12, a rendition of the Bumblebee version of the character, although I’ll admit it still has some convincing to do around here once it arrives. Given how much I’m already in love with the non-transforming ThreeZero figure and taking into account some of MPM-12’s obvious quirks, let’s just say that we’ll see how it goes! Come what may though, I cannot wait to check this one out very soon.


#3: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Bumblebee Movie Blitzwing

Speaking of robots that made a sizeable splash in the last big-screen Transformers outing, how about this lad being given a shot in the Masterpiece line? True, the ThreeZero figure is once again already quite excellent, although I’d still be intrigued to see what TakaraTomy themselves could whip up for a transformable outing. This could be especially fun considering the extreme lack of official toys representing the character at present, not to mention it’s a wonderful interpretation of the classic Seeker design, to begin with. Just don’t ask people about the name!


#2: On the way – Masterpiece Raiden

Our final confirmed release is none other than our first Masterpiece combiner! Yes, after countless third party efforts over the years, we’re finally going to see what TakaraTomy have up their sleeve for an official Big Man, and it’s none other than train robo, Raiden, which makes it especially compelling. I still have so many questions about this one that it’s hard to quantify it all, but needless to say, the renders we’ve seen of team member, Shouki are doing a good job at whetting the appetite for now. Hopefully, this one will be pulling into the station soon!


#1: Would love to see happen – Masterpiece Defensor

And finally, here we are with a character I’d most definitely pay good money to see done justice in the Masterpiece line at some point! Yes, there are other combiners who are maybe a bit more high profile. Yes, there are two third party attempts at this guy on the way now (with likely more to come). And yes, it’s unlikely to happen any time soon given we’re not exactly flying out of the gate with Raiden yet, but still, I can dream, can’t I? For me, there’s always been something intriguing about Defensor’s design and the very idea of a team of Masterpiece rescue vehicles is certainly one to get the motor running. I need a hero and I really want this guy to be it.



So that’s our list. What other characters would you love to see done in the MP line?


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