COUNTDOWN: 51 Transformers tweets from April that need to be seen!

What’s that, another month gone by? So it seems! In fact it’s incredible to think that we’re in May of 2021 already but there it is. Fortunately it means it’s also time to celebrate with another round of top Transformers tweets.

As ever, they’re sort of (only sort of) in date order. Enjoy!



Who doesn’t love a fantastic callback, eh? This is one for that Leonardo DiCaprio meme.






I’ll give you petrorabbits…



There’s always joy to be had in seeing other people’s fabulous toy displays… especially when they’re as good as this!






Few things inspire the fandom like the phrase “Titan Class Tidal Wave”.



Toys like this are what the phrase “holy grail” was really meant for.



This isn’t the first amazing Action Master custom that we’ve seen (as the fourth pic will testify) but it is one of the best! Outstanding.



I think a lot of people would feel quite… animated about this idea.



Wow, that is really something!






Haha the suckers– wait.



There he is, my beautiful boy!



Might take you a minute…



It’s fair to say that the new Teletraan 1 / Mainframe mash-up idea has gone down well.



The red circles confirm this to be true.






I’ve never considered the words ‘continuity’ and ‘turducken’ together in a sentence before but now it’s all I can think about.






I mentioned that people were loving Mainframe, right? Well, how good is this?



Oh sorry, that’s the sound of my jaw hitting the floor right there.



Compelling viewing.



I shan’t tell you all the things I did at 14 that I think were way worse than owning this toy.



Distinct Action Master Wheeljack vibes.



Ooof, that’s an amazing haul.



The circle is complete!



Also consider that those animation errors would go on to become someone’s favourite characters.



Conceptually good.



The guy does not get enough appreciation. See also The Rebirth.



Would any of us do differently?



The full Van Damme!









Would have been interesting to see!



“Just the thing you wanted”.



No lies detected.



Say no more!



All of your favourites in one tweet!



Seems comprehensive.



So this is a silver chromed version of Toyco Astro Magnum, the figure that would of course go on to become G1 Shockwave. And it’s delicious!



Sounds about right.



That’s the song in my head again, then.



It seems like every one of these lists needs an amazing stop motion entry so here’s this month’s.



This wins the internet.



Stanley Tucci just waiting in the wings there.



At least he didn’t ask who he was originally.



The most iconic pose in TF history? Sure.



There has been a bit of that this month.



Why do her legs look like the sides of her head got big?



Neat little trick that’s worth knowing if you have Studio Series Hot Rod!



They still rule my heart.


So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets? Have a great month!


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