COUNTDOWN: 39 Transformers tweets from December that need to be seen!

Remember 2020? What was all that about, eh? Somehow we’ve sailed right through the holiday season and we’re already nearly two weeks into a brand new year already, which means we’re well overdue a look back at the very best of Transformers Twitter for December!

So, here are 39 tweets that need to be seen, presented (mostly) in date order (but not really!). Happy new year, folks!



This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted the incredible artwork of @marble_v_ and with offerings like this, it won’t be the last, either!



Exceptional custom work has become a hallmark of these lists, and this entry was just too creative not to feature. Fantastic!



It’s true, I think about that prototype Banzai-Tron like *all the time*.



There was a lot of excitement brewing about the new Beast Wars Generations book over December, and many of us couldn’t wait to receive our copies after tweets like this!



And people say Masterpiece collectors have too many Primes!



This is beyond adorable.



There have been other Jurassic Park-themed Hound customs in the past, but I think this might be my favourite yet!



Don’t think about it too much.



It’s been great to see G2 Megatron getting some love recently thanks to the new Generations Selects toy, and this rather spiffing artwork is a wonderful example of that!



Everyone agrees that the new Kingdom toys look amazing, no? Well, Airazor is definitely one that a lot of fans are most excited for, so this tweet showing some of the figure’s design is particularly interesting.



Don’t try to say you didn’t laugh.



A possible solution if you’re seeking ideas for tree ornaments.



Everyone’s favourite screencap made real.



It’s always fun to read about previously-unseen rarities from days gone by, and these are some of the rarest!



Zooming it with the legendary Peter Cullen, like a boss. Goals.



I may have made it known that I have a bit of a fondness for Action Masters before, so naturally I love this.



There have been many great examples to highlight the goofiness of Earthrise Arcee’s transformation, but I think this one wins.



This is now just another Thew tweet, this is another Thew’s Awesome Transformers Tweet.



Still too soon?



I would love to know what he’s playing.



What an exceptional line-up!



Scale is definitely one of the most interesting aspects of Transformers collecting, although the sheer absurdity of it all is expertly demonstrated here.



It was a wonderful time.



Now this one *really* blew up.



A dream come true!



Seems legit.






This is a custom based on a @Guido_Guidi idea, and it came out very nicely indeed!



This tweet is actually from October but still worth sharing as it’s just the absolute nuts.



Of all the many seasonal TF tweets I saw, I think this was my personal favourite.



Incredible work from the talented Mr Gorman, as always.



I have watched this too many times.



Life finds a way.



You would think Thrust would be most remembered for when he destroyed Teletraan I, but somehow it’s getting run over instead.



So there was some old concept artwork for a few unproduced Beast Wars McDonald’s toys unearthed last month and, well, it’s amazing.






Oh no!



It really does, though.



What a centrepiece!



So that’s our list. Happy new year, everyone, and here’s wishing you all the very best!


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