COUNTDOWN: 43 Transformers tweets from November that need to be seen!

Oh hey, remember when it was the start of the year? Yeah, me neither. 2020 is somehow flying by and yet still seems to be the longest. Year. Ever. Anyway, as we finally slide into the final weeks, it’s time to take a look back and celebrate some of the very best that November had to bring us in terms of Transformers Twitter.

Here are 43 tweets that need to be seen, presented in (mostly) date order (kinda). Oh, and this month we have some of the most INCREDIBLE artwork I’ve seen in ages – just wait. Here’s to one more month to go!



I love monkeys and I love robots, so this was always going to be a win. A good shelf.



That is some fantabulous artwork, alright!



This feels like a loaded statement.



It’s true. Entirely true.



Optimus Primal has always had three amazing designs and they’ve been exceptionally well-captured here – stunning.



Oh hey, if you caught last month’s list then you may remember Gav’s nightmare-fuelled renditions of classic TF characters in living-dead form. Well, here’s the worst one of the lot… and by that I do definitely mean “best”!



Oh excuse me, my jaw just hit the floor. Love that it’s a Shoji Kawamori mash-up, too!



We all saw this coming.



I can totally see a stadium full of Unicron Trilogy fans giving this a go.




I love love love the retro style of this artwork. Incredible!



Sk8er grl.



Oh mai.



This should be essential reading.



Anything with Auotbot X in it is pretty grand in my book, but this is something else! Top drawer.



Such a shame this toy never saw the light of day!



WOW. That’s all I can say. WOW.



Watercolour is such an under-utilised medium in terms of TF art, but this shines!



Say it with me…



I have one big problem with this tweet – I now want a G2 Earthrise Prime more than anything.



A second effort from James here, but a well-deserved inclusion again! Lampposts in disguise.



The Bumblebee OP head design is such an instant classic, and here it’s captured flawlessly!



It’s well-known that the TF live action films re-use footage but… well, just watch it.



This is jaw-dropping stuff. I could honestly stare at the first picture for hours. The detail!



“X-Panse” looks cool and all, but I’m also kind of disappointed that this didn’t happen.



It says everything about The Last Knight that I had to sit and genuinely ponder if this was edited or not.



Jazz art is never not appreciated, especially when it looks like *this*!



OK, it’s not technically TF, but this Diaclone custom was just too good not to include!



Another entry for Simon, but who doesn’t love a good Rattrap?



Do yourself a favour and just read this entire thread from start to finish (before you watch the video). It’s worth it.






OK, I’m dead. This killed me with how good it is.



If you have no idea what this is on about then you’re only better off for it.



Don’t mind David here, he just knocked up this incredible image of a toy that was just revealed in seemingly next to no time.



Seems legit.



Optimus Prime: berserker mode!



I am so here for this kind of attention-to-detail.



Wise words indeed.



Makes you think.



I would give anything to see these be real.






Big mood.



Aw, so cute!






This was worth including just for the killer pun (but also the excellent photography).



A wonderful custom AND a fantastically niche reference to a throwaway line of dialogue in a 25-year-old cartoon. Love it.



So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets?


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