COUNTDOWN: 38 Transformers tweets from October that need to be seen!

It’s that time of the month again, as November is soon upon us! As with previous months, there was all kinds of weird and wonderful robot-related activity online during October, so today we’re rounding up some of the absolute best examples from twitter for your viewing pleasure. They’re presented here in date order (well, kinda). Have a great month!



Here’s The Freakin’ Geek himself showing that if you have to wear a mask, you may as well have a bit of fun with it!



FACT: Whenever Jason shares photos of his collection, you can hear a choir of angels singing in the background.



Photography – it’s all about those angles!



I knew Parks & Rec. seemed familiar.






Speaking of ouch… pretty impressive ink though!



Chris’ digibashes never get old… although put your hands up if you also get a bit sad that they’re not real…



Some impressive cosplay skills!



Of course, October is the spooky month, and I don’t think that was demonstrated better than by this *incredible* artwork.



Winston’s art is always a pleasure to behold, and here there’s the extra thrill of seeing the vastly under-utilised Strika brought to life so expertly!



“Tweet of the month” is not a thing, but if it was…



OK, which one did you land on?



See now, if they’d gone with this for the official communication…



What’s this? Famed Transformers voice actors Garry Chalk & David Kaye in a twitter face-off? Well, that’s just prime.



Unintentional cosplay.



MP-52 isn’t even out yet and every time I see it this is now all I think about.



I was trying to remember this guy’s name.



Poor, poor Windcharger – forever relegated to having his lifeless husk being the butt of the joke.



Woof – that’s some fantastic stop motion!






Miner Edgar is often pumping out fantastic artwork like this, although Overcharge here certainly caught the eye!



Well, now I am, yes.






I lost it at “absolute madman”, I won’t lie.



Brian McFarlane has a lot to answer for.



Who doesn’t love Tigertrack (he was last week’s Toy of the Week, after all!)? Well here’s some *stunning* artwork to show how he’d have looked in animation-style!



The moon news tease certainly captured the imagination this month, but more than a few people had just one thing in mind…



OK, so this tweet is from a couple of months ago, but as it was RTed back again this month it’s getting thrown in here (also because it’s too good not to share!).



*chef’s kiss*



This is like next level toy display technique.



Anyone else want this repaint now?



Just two superb renditions of your favourite lads in pixelated form.



This is some outstanding custom work!



How great do the new Micromaster Modulators look alongside their G1 counterparts? Brilliant.



This is just the cutest.



The one-and-only Geoff Senior doing what he does best. WOW.



(Optimus, obvs).



Oh, and just another exceptional bit of custom work from ChromeTyranno to round out the month, eh? Why not.


So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets?


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