COUNTDOWN: 46 Transformers tweets from August that need to be seen!

Oh hey, when did it turn into September? Yes, we’re a little tardy on rounding up last month’s load of top Transformers tweets, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of good stuff here to get tucked into. So without further ado, gorge yourself on the best that Transformers Twitter had to offer in August – presented in date order!



Yet further proof that Beast Machines was ahead of its time.



Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.



Some incredible artwork of the most underrated Autobot/ Decepticon double agent imaginable!



Cannot believe they cut this scene from the movie.



If you have kids, then there’s no doubt you did all kinds of arts and crafts over the last six months or so, but it’s always good to discover your inner Autobot!



We featured this outstanding custom in last month’s round-up, but these new photos definitely need to be shared!



Ultra Magnus’ dubious attempts at concealing his identity united the internet in 2020.



Transformers… that don’t transform… that can now transform? Sign us up.



Got milk? Transformers edition.



The more you think about it…



And what a rocking shelf it is!



Let’s make this series happen.



Some more exceptional custom work here, and nice to see the Unicron Trilogy getting a little love!



The reactions to this clip are just incredible… and no surprise, as the figure looks *amazing*!



Well, that’s just… oh, you know.



Some more impressive custom work here! This is making me excited for the (still hopefully) upcoming Masterpiece Raiden.



It’s worth checking out Derrick’s whole thread here, as the Transformers: Animated character designer brings us the ultimate David Kaye line-up.



Well, this is just the perfect way to display these toys, eh?



This is so painfully 1990s, it hurts. But in a good way.



Why is no-one making this toy?



BIG mood.



I’m pretty sure I speak for all Beast Wars fans when I say that I would give anything to see a whole series done in this animation style.



Just brilliant.



Some exceptional artwork here, and a bit more UT appreciation!



For a “quick sketch”, this is just mind-blowing!



We were wondering.



All those years of battle masks in Transformers fiction suddenly seem a little different with today’s context, eh?



Hmm, about an 8 right now.



This charming stop motion film from one of Netflix’s official accounts is well worth a watch.



Car robots?



I asked. I received. The response exceeded my expectation.



Hats off to some outstanding work here, as the CAD renders for the newly-announced Masterpiece Starscream are brought to life in unbelievable form!



Check out this whole thread for some wonderful CHUG treats.



SO cute.



Now that’s how you pimp my ride.



Creative TF photography like this is just *chef’s kiss*.



Feeling lucky?



Give this man a job.



It’s really been the month for it, eh?



Fortunately we now know that this wasn’t the case, but it certainly seemed like it could be for a moment there…



The G1 cartoon is the gift that keeps on giving.



Who says all G1 toys are bricks? Oh.



This resonated. Hard.



The ultimate Autobot display?



TF fans be like: “HE SKIPPED LEG DAY!”



And to round us out, here’s this very memeable image of Action Master Megatron. Just what was he pointing at, anyway?


So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets?


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