COUNTDOWN: 47 Transformers tweets from July that need to be seen!

We’re back without another monthly round-up of the very best that Transformers Twitter had to offer over the last 4 weeks or so! July was an extraordinary month, but here are the best tweets that caught our eye, presented in date order! And yes, at least a few of them were about Earthrise Scorponok…



The Transformers R.E.D. line is starting to look really quite enticing, and here’s a great look at just how accurate the toys we’ve seen so far are versus their animation models!



Speaking of R.E.D., this is just a *genius* idea waiting to happen… if only.



Whilst most people think of the Mainframe cartoon when they imagine Beast Wars, it’s always interesting to see an alternate take on the ’90s series – especially when it’s brought to life as stunningly as this!



100% would watch.



Awwww. So is G1 Sky Lynx the grandfather?



This is rather disturbingly cute.



If you don’t let out an involuntary “F— yeah!” during this then you need to check your pulse.



Almost there…



This artwork is simply *gorgeous*! Check out this account for more of the same, all equally as good!



This is the first of several Gigawatt lols that caught our eye this month and definitely one of the best.



Never put it past the Transformers fandom to make a surprisingly clever comparison between two entirely unrelated toys from almost four decades apart.



OK now this is just getting spooky!






This image is indeed burned into the retinas, and flawlessly recreated here!



SPOILERS for Dark of the Moon (even if it was 9 years ago!). And yep!



How interesting is this? Deathcobra was a character in the Japanese Victory cartoon series during G1, but never had a corresponding toy. Now he does! Just a shame it’s so exclusive, but how great to see someone take the initiative!



We stan.



There were many, MANY Scorpnok tweets this month. A LOT. Jon’s reaction was all of us though.



Sometimes you just need the absurdity of your favourite franchise pointed out to you.



Soundwave still superior though.



As clever customs go, this one is just off the scale!



It’s a nice and simple one, but this pic got us right in the feels.



Idk about the proportions of this new Scorponok toy, y’know.



The Bernie memes continue to come but this one had a definite ring of truth about it.



Why does he look like he’s asking for a beer?



Leave it to Chris to come up with something clever like this.



This month, everything was cake.



Anyone else hear the music from this scene in their head now?



Jaw meet floor.



That’s funny. And also kinda tragic.



Point made.



Claws of convenience.



It’s uncanny!



Speaking of fun-looking fan modes…



ToyFu have been showcasing some amazing customs (which will soon be on sale in support of their nominated charity, Mary’s Meals), but this G2 Action Master Snarl really caught our eye! Want.



Who are we to argue?



Getting maaaaajor Transformers: Energon vibes here.



Hey, you know what’s really clever that we never thought of before?



We’re pleased you did.



At this point it seems there’s no limit to the creativity of these fan modes!



It’s Exhausting when people get this wrong.



This is quite the prize! Congrats to Maz on a *stunning* purchase!



The word “perhaps” is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.



Check out this link for some incredible never-before-seen concept artwork and other goodies! Amazing stuff.



It’s hard to choose when they’re all so adorable.



Don’t Nok it.



I don’t know what to say except I now want an entire fleet of these.


So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets?


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