[New Age Toys] Beelzebub, Manmon & Mephisto

Today we’ll be taking a look at New Age Toy’s Beelzebub, Manmon & Mephisto, their legends scaled version of the Coneheads.

New Age Toys is relatively new (pardon the pun) to the Transformers scene and have been focusing their efforts in designing and delivering quality legends-scaled figures. The design and engineering on many of these figures are so astonishingly effective and elegant that some have referred to them as “Mini Masterpieces”.


RATING:          5 / 5

Aside from the usual high grade plastics used, New Age Toys have included diecast parts in these figures. It definitely gives them a more premium feel with the added weight and I believe this was also intended to improve the balance of the figure with a more weighted set of feet. The figures do also have paint applications on some really small parts and those are done pretty well, so kudos to them.


RATING:          4 / 5

It might be just me, but I often find designers struggling to get the proportions of the coneheads (yes, those literal heads) right. Having said that, I think New Age Toys’ designers hit the sweet spot with these trio. The wings also fold away nicely in bot mode for a pretty accurate look with minimal kibble. One gripe that I have is that there is this gap that is left at the side of the legs when the heels are folded out, a design feature brought over from their Seekers where these gaps were filled by the stabilizers.  The Coneheads don’t have these stabilizers and hence the gap.

Overall, both plane and bot modes are well-balanced aesthetically.


RATING:          5 / 5

There are quite a few legends-scaled Seekers/Coneheads in the market and you would probably wonder how different can the transformation for such a classic character get, especially at this scale. Well, seems like they can be quite different. New Age Toys maintains its reputation of keeping the transformation elegant without being simplistic. There are enough twists and turns in the transformation sequence to keep you interested, at least for a good couple of rounds.

Each figure comes with its own flight stand, two additional sets of hands for posing and pointing, missile covers for the null-ray blasters and burst and blaster effects. If you are wondering why the flight stands look strange, it’s because they combine with the ones which come with the New Age Toys Seekers to form the Space Bridge. Excellent display and play value!


RATING:          4 / 5

Remember the diecast parts I’d mentioned earlier? Well, those came back to bite us in the joints department. Because of the weight at the feet, there will be some challenges when going for high kick poses. As shown in the photo below, it’s still possible, with some patience. A possible quick fix for this would be to increase the friction on some of the lower torso joints using pledge or similar remedies. On hindsight, maybe those diecast parts may not be necessary after all. The figures should stand well even if those parts were made of plastic. Aside from this, articulation is everything you would wish for in a figure.

New Age Toys did not disappoint with their Coneheads and these will make excellent candidates to boost your Decepticon army. It is figures like these which sometimes get you thinking that less may be more.


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