COUNTDOWN: 18 classic franchises we’d love to see made into TF Collaborative crossovers!

Unless you’ve been living in a different decade of late, you may be aware that we’re all set to receive another Collaborative effort, that being where the Transformers line partners up with another equally-classic franchise and brings us a reimagined robot form for some iconic vehicles. It all kicked off last year with Ectotron, who of course turns into the Ghostbusters‘ own Ecto-1, and now we’ve just seen the official unveiling of Gigawatt, who becomes the instantly-recognisable Back to the Future DeLorean.

The buzz around Gigawatt is pretty intense right now, with pre-orders for the initial wave of 1985 pieces having sold out almost immediately, but fear not – there will be more very soon! In the meantime, we’re indulging in a little Transformers fan casting of sorts and imagining what other franchises we might see on the roster before too long… some of these are more likely than others but hey – we can dream, right? They’re arranged in order of how exciting we think they’d be, but by all means let us know if we’ve missed any!


#18: Speed Racer

OK, the likelihood of this one coming to pass is very slim indeed, not least because the whole notion of Collaborative seems to be to recreate classic 1980s’ franchises, putting Speed Racer‘s origins from twenty years prior quite firmly out of the required window. Still, the Mach 5 is a car that most would recognise fairly quickly, even if that’s thanks to the 2008 big screen interpretation, and it would be fun indeed to see it become a robot in disguise!


#17: Scooby Doo

A very leftfield choice, admittedly, but I’ll wager that there are at least a number of fans who would love to see this given the giant robot treatment all the same. Yes, it’s one of the more comedic suggestions on this list, but it’s still an undeniable classic and remains virtually unchanged in terms of design even to this day. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a Transformer try to pull off that paintwork in robot mode? Zoinks!


#16: Star Trek

This idea was actually joked about by the official BotCon Twitter feed just the other day! No doubt there would be tons of hardcore TF fans who are also hardcore Trekkies (or Trekkers? Whichever you prefer!) that would see this as a marriage made in heaven. Best guess is that they’d choose the classic Enterprise look, but even a little The Next Generation flavour could be fun to see. Come on, Hasbro – make it so!


#15: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

File this one under extremely unlikely, if only because it would involve a collaboration with Playmates Toys to secure the necessary licensing. Still, stranger things have been known and as another beloved 1980s’ franchise there would doubtless be tons of adult collectors who would like to see two of their favourites lines mashed together in a halfshell. It’s also kind of fun to imagine how bizarre that robot mode would be – picture a giant mechanical ninja turtle!


#14: Battlestar Galactica

The picture above may be from the reimagined series from 2003 (a classic all in its own right), but we’re guessing that the 1978 original might be more the speed required for a Collaborative effort. The Colonial Viper may not be the most classic vehicle on this list but it’s still an unbelievably nifty design that could look ridiculously cool converting into a robot form of some kind. Although robots in this franchise aren’t always a good thing, mind.


#13: Smokey and the Bandit

Transformers has a few well-known Pontiac Trans Ams in its midst already, but the popularity of the car is originally owed to one film alone. 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit doubled sales of the design overnight, and for good reason. Just look at this thing, after all! It might be a little earlier than some of the homages the Collaborative line seems to be going for, but this is one that would still be instantly cool to see happen.


#12: Batman

There have been more Batmobile designs that we can count over the years, but few are perhaps quite as iconic as 1989’s big screen outing. It looks almost perversely cartoonish in its design but somehow remains incredibly stylish all the same. Sadly this is another one that’s unlikely to happen due to licensing, with Mattel producing all the Batman merch, currently. Still, it would be a thing to see.


#11: Magnum, P.I.

If you’re looking for classic ’80s franchises then they don’t come more on point than this. Magnum, P.I. was on the tube between 1980 to 1988 and became iconic for two key factors – the hot red Ferrari 308 and Tom Selleck’s glorious moustache. Now, you can only make a Transformer out of one of those and even just a cursory glance should tell you what an instantly-appropriate alt’ mode for a robot in disguise it would be. And yes, that’s the car.


#10: M.A.S.K.

Ask most Transformers fans from the 80s what some of their other favourite toylines were and it’s almost guaranteed that M.A.S.K. will crop up in there somewhere. The vehicles stop short of having robot modes but they still contort in various ways to reveal weapons and other features. Rhino is just about as signature a toy as the line can claim, and was typically driven by Bruce Sato in the franchise’s fiction. This would be a shoo-in for the transforming treatment, if only we could think of any TF toys that have previously turned into trucks of this kind. Hmm.


#9: Thundercats

THUNDER… THUNDER… THUNDER… THUNDER…THUNDERCATS! HOOOOO! These days people may be busier debating which version of the cartoon has the most artisitc merit, but there’s still no doubt that this is another signature ’80s toyline that would be incredible to see given the Collaborative overhaul. The Thundertank has been through a few redesigns over the years but the classic look would be right on point for a robotic makeover and would certainly make a lot of fans happy!


#8: Airwolf

It may not be on the tip of your tongue, but Airwolf has all the makings of being a great choice for a Collaborative effort. Let’s see – 1980s franchise? Check, it ran from 1984 to 1987. Iconic vehicle? Check, the show is literally named after one. Cool robot potential? Check, helicopter alt’ modes are a classic in Transformers. In fact what’s stopping this one from happening again?


#7: Herbie

Oh, c’mon. Like it even needs explaining.


#6: Robocop

This might seem like an odd choice, given that there’s no signature vehicle at the heart of this franchise, but hear us out. Robocop was released in 1987 (prime real estate as far as the Collaborative line goes so far) and seems like it could be fairly obvious tie-in material outside of the lack of an obvious alternate mode to use. Even then there is some potential – it could be the police car somehow, or even something more unusual like the ED-209. Either way, we’re not ruling this one out.


#5: James Bond

If the obvious merits of a giant alien robot turning into an Aston Martin DB5 aren’t immediately apparent to you, then what else is there to say? Aside from the inherent style factor at play, Bond cars are well-known for sporting all kinds of gadgets and techo-wizardry, which seems ripe with potential for a Transformers-related crossover. Live and let Prime, we say.


#4: Jurassic Park

Exactly three things come to mind when thinking of Jurassic Park. One, dinosaurs are cool AF. Two, it’s very hard not say the franchise’s name like how Alan Partridge did that one time. And three, it would be super, super cool to see a robot turning into one of those jeeps. There have even been a few fan attempts to make this happen over the years, with toys such as Binaltech Hound and Swindle being obvious candidates for the kitbash treatment. An official version could be really something. Hopefully the folks at Hasbro don’t stop to think if they should.


#3: Top Gun

Ghostbusters was released in 1984. Back to the Future was released in 1985. Top Gun was released in 1986. See where we’re going with this? It’s not the only thing that makes the iconic blockbuster a natural choice for Collaborative –  the F-14 Tomcat is a classic jet that would make an incredible alt’ mode. Fortunately it looks like this one may actually be next on the docket, as leaked images appear to show a toy already in made-up packaging, seemingly ready to go. Time will tell if we’ll be ridin’ into the danger zone.


#2: Knight Rider

Ooof, now we’re talking. Knight Rider has all the right hallmarks to be a smash-hit Collaborative effort that we’re sure a lot of fans would just love to see! It boasts another classic Pontiac Trans Am at the heart of it, but even better – this one actually *is* one of the main characters! KITT would be an incredible candidate to be given a robot form too, although it might be a little strange to see after all these years! Anyway, this is one that we’re really keeping our fingers crossed for.


#1: The A-Team

Could it really be anything else? When you think of essentially 1980s TV shows, The A-Team is *the* go-to for a lot of people, and even though we can debate which of the four-man crack commando unit is our personal favourite, everyone can agree they love the van, right? It’s just absolutely begging to be given a Collaborative makeover, so much so that it’ll be a real surprise if it never comes to pass.


So that’s our list. Did we miss any of your favourites? Do you agree with the order?


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