COUNTDOWN: 27 Transformers tweets from June that need to be seen!

In what is fast becoming a bit of a monthly thing, we’re back again after having sifted through every nook and cranny of the Transformers Twittersphere to bring you a helpful round-up of the very best content on offer. No doubt we missed many fantastic efforts along the way, but there should be more than enough below to get you smashing that like button. Enjoy!



Maz is well-known in the fandom for being a knowledgeable old love when it comes to all things pre-Transformers and early G1. No surprise then that he regularly drops little tidbits like this about toys from days gone by, and this one was definitely interesting to learn.



Put your sound on and give this one a bash for a retro-styled kick in the nostalgia nuts! I DARE you.



The best memes are always the classics.



A lot of people are going quietly crazy with excitement for the upcoming Earthrise Scorponok release, and this picture finally unveiled the first look at what many have been waiting to see – the new Titan lined up next to previous efforts, Fortress Maximus, Trypticon and Metroplex. It didn’t disappoint.



Yes, we do. All the time.



It’s strangely satisfying to see so many of the various TF franchise logos from over the years all lined up like this!



I don’t think anyone ever tires of seeing other people’s collections and this is just an almighty example of why! Hats off.



It’s worth checking out this whole thread as there is some excellent insight into how the 1986 animated Transformers movie was edited at the time.



This is the first of several stop motion entries on this list (it was a good month for it) and Studio Series Optimus Prime is looking smooth indeed!



The recent Bumblebee movie figures from ThreeZero have been nothing short of *stu-huh-nning* and this incredible effort shows them off wonderfully!



Yep, it’s by the same person as the one above, but this was just too good not to share! HOW CUTE?



Beast Wars fans are in their element with the recent Masterpiece releases right now, and a big part of that is how well the toys capture the look and feel of the TV show from back in the day. This tweet is simple in concept but magnificent in execution, and ably shows why they’re such hot stuff.



The more things change, the more they stay the same.



Creative Transformers photography like this will never go out of style!



OK, I LOLed.



We’ve mentioned capcomkai on this list before as they regularly highlight some outstanding customs and other wonderful toys, and this is no exception! Amazing work.



On reflection, it did indeed have to be done.



I gotta tell ya, this is *oddly* satisfying.



Awwwwwwwwww, so cute!



TheClutterdDesk drops another wonderful custom with Pointblank looking mighty fine!



Transformers crossovers are all the rage right now, so these incredible custom jobs have never been in better company! Maybe it could even happen for real one day, who knows?



Brutal, absolutely brutal.



Kabaya is a Japanese confectionary company who have a long history with Transformers tie-ins, right back to the beginning of the robot franchise. The Kabaya Laserwave miniatures in this line-up are from 1985, and it’s very satisfying to see them all together at last! Well done!



I have a real soft spot for photography that recreates on-screen scenes this effectively. Superb.



What could have been! It does indeed looks like it was fun to make, although I bet you were shattered afterwards. No?



Ghostbusters, Back to the Future… IT COULD HAPPEN. Especially if the Hasbro designers become so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they don’t stop to think if they should.



And finally, here’s a simply terrific custom effort that’s worth a share! It’s a repaint of G1 Chromedome, made to look like Toxin, who began life as a TFCon comic book character. There’s a bit more backstory to the whole thing, but Dan is incredibly proud of his deep knowledge of Transformers lore so I’m sure he can explain it better than me.  It makes use of an unofficial Headmaster known as Headrobots Cobra, which itself was based off an old, unproduced Generation 1 design (and has also been produced as a TFCon exclusive). Confused yet? It’s still awesome.


So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets?


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