COUNTDOWN: 38 Transformers tweets from May that need to be seen!

Last month we published another round-up of the very best that Transformers Twitter had offered up over April, and so we’re back with a follow up for May! Yes, we’ve scoured the very depth of robot-related cyberspace to bring you the finest content available, all summarised below in the handy form of a typical Friday Countdown – here are 38 Transformers tweets from May that need to be seen!



Any Transformers collector will tell you that it can potentially be a messy business if you let it get out of hand, but why not turn that mess into art? The cover of #205  from the original Marvel UK Transformers comic is quite iconic (featuring some wonderful Andrew Wildman artwork), and this seems like a fitting homage.



Twitter user, capcomkai often posts unusual figures and amazing customs of movieverse-inspired toys, and this incredible take on MPM Jazz is great evidence of that! How we wish this was released at retail!



GabbyGerbs is an artist who regularly does Transformers-related commissions, and this piece of artwork featuring a transforming mail truck particularly caught our eye! Lovely work.



Anyone who’s picked up MP-44 Convoy will know that it comes with a rocket backpack that can also work on MP-12 Sideswipe in a homage to the original G1 cartoon pilot episode, More Than Meets the Eye. Well LazyEyebrow here has gone and made one that works on Earthrise figures instead! Very nice.



The Turbomaster leader, Thunderclash seems to be getting a lot of love of late, and this wonderful custom version of POTP Optimus Prime shows you exactly what we mean!



Some more stunning TF artwork for you here, with amazing clean lines and pencil work! Chris regularly publishes robot-related work, so be sure to check it out.



This last month saw a lot of Arcee focus, especially with the new Masterpiece figure on the way, but having seen this attempt all I can say is that I know need this G1 Bumblebee custom more than anything else I’ve ever seen.



There’s nothing quite like a spot of creative robot photography to make us chuckle, and this one definitely did the job!



Another Arcee tweet and this one is some cracking artwork from talented chap, James Marsh! That is a big ol’ gun indeed.



Jerry Paris of course completed the artwork for the very first cover of the original Marvel Transformers artwork, and it’s since become one of the most admired pieces amongst the fandom. Well here’s a more recent commission of his where he recreated it! Amazing.



Oh and speaking of Jerry Paris, here’s an incredible original copy of his work for Transformers #3. Just lovely.



It’s funny because it’s true.



I get that it’s supposed to be a sombre occasion that’s being depicted but I still had to chuckle at how creative this pic is. Magic.



Kevin regularly publishes his own digitally recreated versions of original Marvel comic covers, all featuring his own robot photography. This version of Marvel UK #300’s iconic cover certainly caught our eye this month!



Make it stop, please!



That’s a big bird! STLife makes amazing larger-than-life 3D-printed Transformers, and here’s Thew having great fun with everyone’s favourite robo-buzzard.



This is something unusual – the original Thunderwing toy clearly went through lots of changes during production, as evidenced by this photo of the prototype (that turned up in a couple of catalogue scans at the time).






Digibashes of potential MP recolours are always good, and this version imagining MP-13 Soundwave as a Commodore Datassette machine certainly tickled our fancy!



Twitter was absolutely awash with “my plans” memes this month, and whilst there were some good attempts it was this one of Ironhide vs Megatron that really nailed it on the head. So to speak.



Some more fantastic artwork now and this incredible rendition of the Combaticons in stylised glory is really something to see!



Blueshift is a member of legendary UK Transformers-outfit, ToyFu, who regularly do a lot of work in support of Mary’s Meals. It may only be loosely TF-related but this rather astounding MASK Rhino custom is definitely worth a look!



Seems legit.



There are loads of examples of creative Transformers tattoos out there, but this is one of the best we’ve seen.



Some cracking artwork here, as both Soundwave and Blaster have rarely been recreated in such meticulous detail! I think that’s everyone!



This tweet features some photos from back when Takara first launched their Victory line, presumably from around 1989 or so. Whilst the pics themselves are of general interest, what really captured our attention here is the repainted version of G1 Skystalker that never actually made it to market! That blue, white and red colour scheme looks great – shame it never happened.



What can we say – this is some great stop-motion work!



Well I never.



Once again these are some wonderful digibashes. That New Rodimus especially stands out!



Kinda hungry now. Is it time for pudding?



This is from the same artist who did the Combaticon work above, and seeing how ol’ Buzzsaw doesn’t get nearly the attention he deserves it just had to be included!



Last week’s Countdown was certainly a popular one, and it’s great to see some wonderful efforts such as this to bring those old unproduced toys to life! Can’t wait to see how this pans out.



It’s often interesting to see collections centered around one specific character, as this line-up of one-eyed Shockwave toys proves.



You may have noticed how much we love seeing random production curios from days gone by, so these hand-painted samples of the Takara Brainmasters definitely delighted. They were evidently used as part of a presentation to Hasbro Europe as part of going on to be released as the Motorvators.



Find someone who makes you a blanket of your Transformers collection (and your cat). That’s love!



A tweet from Graham never fails to make us smile.



Last month we brought you a tweet from Steve Cook showcasing some of his amazing cardboard models and now he’s back with his latest effort – Jazz! Where does he keep these things, anyway?



And finally it’s this niche but interesting representation of Grimlock from some early Action Master promotional artwork, showing that the line’s original name was “Action Heroes”. But why is Grimlock a Decepticon?


So that’s our list. Did we miss any other great Transformers tweets?


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