TOY OF THE WEEK: Hasbro Mega Pretender Crossblades

Welcome to the second in our new Toy of the Week series! We’re following up on last week’s look at the rather wonderful Nucleon Quest Super Convoy with something a little different. Now it’s time to remember the G1 Mega Pretenders and in particular the Autobot Crossblades!

ASMR video c/o: Gentle Whispering ASMR
Mega Pretender toy advert c/o: The Spacebridge
Box art & tech specs c/o: Botch The Crab
Blue Bacchus toy photo c/o: Brr-Icy

This toy is tons of fun, with some really interesting gimmicks and a well-thought-through play pattern. Check out the complete set of pics!

So there you go, that’s our second toy of the week! Check back next week for more, and thanks for reading.


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