In much exciting news, Maketoys is back! In a penned letter to the fandom, the company talks the past, present and the future of Maketoys. Read it all below.



Dear Maketoys fans –

First off, our team at Maketoys would like to take a moment to wish everyone good health and safe wishes in this unprecedented time.

We know that these times are not easy as we have had to endure them ourselves. We wish for a speedy recovery for everyone in this global pandemic that has affected all of us in many ways and extended far past health concerns affecting entire livelihoods.

For us personally, many of our factories and staff were at the epicenter of this in its earliest state and although we are now going through recovery, we were severely affected by all of this.

Over the years Maketoys has been a trusted partner of the fandom and we appreciate all your loyalty and support.  From our high-quality figures, aesthetically pleasing designs, and commitment to bringing to market all the figures the fandom wants; Maketoys products have brought fun and delight to collectors all over the world.  We want to let you know as a company Maketoys is committed to continuing our brand and product lines.

As everyone is aware with the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are unexpected delays that are out of our control and we want to bring all our loyal fans and supporters up to speed.

First Maketoys is committed to our product lineup and we will release all the products we’ve revealed over the past year.  All are in some stage of development, factory space on many is getting booked as we write this, and we’re committed to seeing all these figures released.

Second we will continue with both our Re:Mastered and Cross Dimension line, and have even more exciting figures that are yet to be revealed but in the works to be announced this year!

Finally, we’ll do a better job of keeping the fandom updated of our upcoming releases.  We’ll do more to keep everyone updated online, and aware of all the great products that are to come.

Now for the good stuff, as of today you can preorder one of our most highly sought-after figures, in an all new Premium Version.  Announcing MTRM-09R Downbeat Premium Version!  Packed full of improved paint applications and metallic paint, all new decals and several other yet to be revealed gimmicks, this piece is extremely limited and will be released in late May / early June.   Get your preorder in at your favorite retailer today while supplies last!

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm for our brand and our products and we hope to move forward with all of our fans as they experience all of the ups and downs in the road ahead.

Take care and stay safe!









また、リ・マスター、クロス・ディメンション シリーズも継続いたしますので来年に向けて新作も準備しておりますのでご期待ください。



近年で最も人気のあったダウンビートを一新した「MTRM-09R ダウンビート プレミアムバージョン」!






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