COUNTDOWN: 5 reasons to be excited about the upcoming Masterpiece Tigatron

New Masterpiece reveals are always a bit of a fun event. How big are they? What gimmicks are they loaded with? Whilst there have been a couple of designs showcased recently, there’s little doubt that it’s MP-50 Tigatron that seems to have captured the majority of the attention – and for good reason! He looked stunning enough already, but now that some newer details have been provided we’re looking at 5 reasons to be excited about the upcoming release.

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#5: The beast mode look exceptionally good

I think most would agree that every robot mode we’ve seen on the Beast Wars Masterpiece toys so far has been pretty spectacular, whereas the beast modes can sometimes require a degree of compromise. That’s not to say that they aren’t wonderful accomplishments (they are, and they do a terrific job of representing the characters), but the recent MP Blackarachnia is a good example of a design that clearly prioritised one mode over the other.

That doesn’t appear to be the case with Tigatron, however, as that beast form is shaping up to be a real looker! It has all the right cues to ably recall Tigatron’s animation appearance, whilst giving off the lithe yet powerful presence expected of a white tiger. Oh, and it’s bloomin’ gorgeous to boot.

So yes, there’s a small whiff of green robot bits peeking through on the rear legs there, but really what else would you expect? For my money it already looks like Tigatron’s design somehow pulls off a cohesive cat better than MP Cheetor, and I cannot wait to put him through his paces and see what interesting poses he can achieve.


#4: The robot mode is spot-on to the cartoon

Despite being met with a small but vocal reaction from people saying he just looks like an oversized MP Cheetor, any keen Beast Wars fan would tell you that’s exactly what they were hoping for! After all, that’s how Tigatron was presented in the cartoon and there’s little doubt that this design captures his on-screen presence to a tee. The proportions, the colours – it’s all just perfect!

In fact if you look closely you can tell that there is some design and moulding differences to Cheetor, with the most obvious change being that Tigatron doesn’t employ a fake cat head for his chest (as well as some additional engineering in the front cat legs). Either way, the result is just wonderful.

Tigatron’s size has always been a bit difficult to pin down in the cartoon, but it’s clear that he’s taller than maybe a lot of people might expect. In fact there are a couple of times he’s shown as being noticeably bigger than Optimus, and so it looks like the Masterpiece designers have replicated that well. Given that he lines up to about MP Dinobot’s shoulder height it looks like he’s going to be a sizeable lad to add to your collection!


#3: He features two different weapons

As expected Tigatron comes with his “gut gun” – so called because it’s formed from the underside of his cat mode and features a portion of internal organs on the design (a trait the cartoon copied over from the original toy). However, in a break from that vintage figure and unlike MP Cheetor, it appears he doesn’t come with an additional second gun made from the cat’s tail (as the character never sported such a thing in the cartoon).

Not to worry though as he is equipped with a set of hidden missiles in this wrist which look like they can be flipped out for display, reminiscent of his first appearance in the episode, Fallen Comrades. Nice touch!


#2: The tiger mode eyes do some fun stuff

There’s a huge amount of play value crammed into all of the Beast Wars MPs so far, not least of which has been the ability to be able to move the beast modes eyes on some of the designs. It’s a neat touch that helps bring the animal forms to life a little bit, and in that regard Tigatron is no different.

However, what’s also very cool and a nice nod to portraying his cartoon model accurately is that the beast eyes change colour during transformation, going from green to orange. These kind of attention to detail is what’s keeping the current crop of Beast MPs being so well-received, if you ask me!



#1: The robot mode has several swappable faces (& more gimmicks!)

As has become increasingly commonplace with Masterpiece releases, Tigatron will feature the ability to swap his robot mode face to change the expression. What’s maybe unexpected is that he’ll be packaged with no less than four additional faces on top of the default one, which is definitely more than we normally get!

The first face is called “anger” and is a great representation of many moments from the cartoon where Tigatron snarls and shows his teeth in a tense situation!

The second face, “surprise”, is a clear homage to the Tigatron-centric episode, Law of the Jungle, where the character mourns the death of his tiger friend, Snowstalker. Yeah, you just know someone is gonna buy a second MP-50 to keep in beast mode to represent his feline partner, no?

Next up is “surprise” which again is a fantastic representation of the character’s face in a moment of shock. Those fangs!

And finally we have “hack”, which is a very specific nod to the episode, Before the Storm, where Tigatron breaks into the Predacon base and hacks into their computer.

There’s also a cable accessory to recreate how he connects to the computer, and the face appears to have blue eyes in a further effort to bring this scene to life.

Oh, and then there’s what must be one of the *weirdest* Masterpiece accessories of all time – a Megatron head puzzle, reminding us of this painfully 1990s representation of hacking a computer programme. You gotta love it!


So, that’s our list! Are you excited for MP-50 Tigatron? Personally I can’t wait, although if anything it’s just making me long for a Masterpiece Airazor to happen before too long as well!


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