COUNTDOWN: 10 Transformers-related activities to beat the self-isolation blues

The current coronavirus pandemic has turned our way of life upside down in next to no time, leaving many of us taking up self-isolation or “social distancing” as we work together in trying to stop the spread as best as possible. We hope that everyone is keeping safe and healthy and remembering to do their bit, although that may mean that you’ve suddenly found yourself at home with a lot more time on your hands than you’d been planning for. Well, it’s important to stay put so now’s a great time to think about what Transformers-related activities you can be doing to pass the newfound time – here are 10 activities to beat those self-isolation blues!


#10: Rearrange your display

I don’t know about you but my display is an ever-evolving prospect, changing and reforming itself to suit the needs of my collection. In truth the space available kind of dictates what I’m able to achieve with it, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had with doing a spot of rearranging to make things look their best. Now could be a perfect time to have a little tinker with the various robots you have out on display and make sure they’re all lined up nicely or arranged as you’d like them to be. Or hey, it could just be that they need a bit of a dust!

Either way, if you’ve got time on your hands then now’s the perfect time to hop to it!


#9: Rediscover an old toy you’ve forgotten

As well as a bit of display tidying, how about taking the time to fall back in love with one or two toys that you’d long forgotten about? It could be something from decades ago gathering dust at the back of a shelf somewhere, or even just a more recent purchase that you never quite found the time to fully appreciate. See if you can reignite the love a little by having a bit of a fiddle, eh?

For my part, I’ve already been enjoying going through a few old Beast Wars toys (even if it has been to get them up on eBay for sale…) and I fully plan on reacquainting myself with some of my Robots in Disguise lads at some point too.


#8: Transform your whole collection!

This one will kill a bit of time, especially if you’re a Masterpiece collector! Why not see how long it takes you to transform every ‘bot you have from robot to alt’ mode and then line them all up together? C’mon, when was the last time you transformed that little fella at the back of the cabinet there – you know the one, with the wheels and stuff. Now’s a great time to put them all through their paces and get transforming.


#7: Check out some creative folks online

The online TF community is chock full of talented people who are just itching to show off their skills, so why not take advantage of the extra time and explore a few new accounts to follow? I’m always on the lookout for new photographers and other creative-types to check out on Twitter or Instagram, and now could be the perfect time to see what some other members of the fandom are cooking up, creatively-speaking.

Or, failing that, here’s an idea…


#6: Get a camera out & try some toy photography yourself

Why not grab your lens and get snapping yourself, eh? You don’t have to be David Bailey (or whoever the robot equivalent of that would be) to start taking pics of your collection – a lot of the enjoyment is just in trying out new things and seeing what you can come up with. If you already have an online account of some kind then share your pics and see what feedback you get. You might find it rather good fun!


#5: Read some comics

Here’s one I definitely plan on doing myself! Transformers comics are some of the best bits of fiction the franchise has to offer, be they new or old. Now could be a perfect time to start checking out the old Marvel UK run (if you have access, or check them out on resources such as Comixology) for a taste of the classic adventures that everyone like me is always banging on about. Or hey, maybe I’ll follow my own advice and *finally* start reading up some more of those IDW stories that everyone keeps telling me are so wonderful… Anyway, it’s a terrific way to pass the time.


#4: Go (online) shopping

Depending on your situation now may not be the time you’re looking to splash the cash at all, but if you fancy a bit of retail therapy then of course there are loads of resources for that (such as, oh I dunno – TFSource!). Why not bust away the blues and treat yo’self?

Alternatively if you’re looking to raise a bit of cash or maybe reclaim some space at home, then now’s also a good time to get some of your old stuff listed up on eBay! I’ve been busy having a right old clear-out of late and I’ve found the experience quite cathartic. Getting stuff posted might be a bit tricky depending on your situation, although it is possible to find services where you can drop parcels off without having to come into contact with anyone if that suits.


#3: Get stickering

Look, it can’t just be me that thinks that a beer and a load of old toys to sticker up is a wonderful evening in, can it? Oh, it is? Well maybe give it a try anyway, you might find you like it! Joking aside, if you’ve got time on your hands then it’s perfect for some stickering, which may even involve upgrading some older toys to look brand new.

I had brilliant fun recently reviving a set of vintage Terrorcons, giving them a through polish and a fresh set of Reprolabels, and I fully intend to see what other projects I can complete during the coming weeks.


#2: Watch some TV

Alright, it’s not the most original suggestion, and I’m sure most people stuck at home are probably glued to the telly more than they should be already. That said, why not have a look at the various Transformers-related movies and TV shows available that you’ve never given a go before? Perhaps you never got around to seeing The Last Knight at the cinema and you want to finally see if it’s as bonkers as everyone says it is (SPOILER ALERT – it is!).

Or now could be the perfect opportunity to check out a couple of the cartoons from years gone by, whether it’s CyberverseRobots in Disguise, Rescue Bots or even something a bit older.


#1: Read some articles

Shameless plug alert, but if you have an abundance of time and enjoyed this article then there are plenty more to be found on TFSource (and lots of great reviews, too!). Check out the back catalogue for all kinds of wise words from some esteemed contributors and a fair bit of rambling from yours truly on the side. Hope you enjoy what you find!


So, that’s our list! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the read and that you and your families are staying safe during the current time. Best wishes to you all.


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