COUNTDOWN: checking out the reactions to those new WFC reveals

Many collectors would argue that we live in a golden age for Transformers toys, as barely a month goes by without us being treated to another reveal of yet more plastic crack. Well, February has certainly been no exception as not only have we seen a couple of new Masterpiece designs unveiled for the first time, but now Hasbro have showcased several new additions to their War For Cybertron line-up! The original scoop was dropped by IGN, so be sure to check out all of the original images over there, but today we’re running through the reveals and taking a look at some of the reactions to them.


#4: Fasttrack

The reaction to Fasttrack’s unveiling has been a heady mix of “wow, amazing!” and “WHO?” Yep, the original Fasttrack is not exactly a well-known character and so there’s little surprise that his update has raised a few questions some 34 years later. The first toy for this character was a partner for Scorponok and was included with that release way back in 1986, but along with the likes of Cog, Six-Gun and Full-Tilt (who were originally partnered with Fortress Maximus, Metroplex and Trypticon respectively), he’s only now making a comeback with his own individual release. Despite not being a big name, it seems like people online are adopting him with open arms though!

Perhaps the most interesting thing to note about this updated toy is the accompanying description, which states that he also changes into a “staff that can be held by Titan Class figures.” It could be off-base, but @_wilsonjim_ has already keenly noted that it could be a Black Zarak homage, meaning a repaint of Titan Scorponok might be on the cards at some point… time will tell!


#3: Arcee

Another week, another Arcee reveal! Yes, fans were still discussing the recent Masterpiece unveiling when Hasbro dropped pics of the new WFC figure and, well, let’s just say that comparisons have been made. There are plenty of people who were underwhelmed with the MP toy and think the new WFC reveal looks way better (especially given that it will be considerably cheaper too), but then there are also a fair few folks who are less keen on the obvious partsforming going on with this version. At least you can’t accuse them of hiding it, I guess! There are also some notable fake parts being employed, as it’s pretty clear that the car mode bonnet flips up behind her head, rather than folding down to form her chest as you might first expect.

The partsforming aspect has been pretty divisive online, but it has caused a few pretty humorous reactions too! There’ve been plenty of Back to the Future hoverboard comparisons, and then this rather fantastic multi-layered Beast Wars callback…


#2: Sky Lynx

Sky Lynx is rather famous for his quote from the G1 cartoon, “Before you do anything, think, ‘Is this what Sky Lynx would do in my position?’, and you will not go far wrong.” Well, there’s little doubt that if he were to take a gander at the pics of this new toy then he’d be marvelling at just how handsome he is! Unlike his previous toy in the Combiner Wars line, fans were keen to note that this new version can separate into his respective lynx and bird modes as well as the combined form, making this a more well-rounded depiction of the character overall. Additionally, the designers have thrown in a fifth(?) new mode as well, just for good measure!

Base modes can often be a bit hit or miss with releases like this, but that actually does look quite respectable. Oh, and in true keeping with the character’s personality, it seems he’s sporting a very apt name for his shuttle mode this time around…


#1: Scorponok

Of all the new toys that were set to be unveiled by Hasbro, there’s little doubt that the one a lot of fans are most excited about is Scorponok… and the new pictures have not disappointed! He looks to be an absolute beast, bringing the classic Decepticon Headmaster to life in Titan form and making the wishes of many collectors come true in the process. Now the big question is exactly what size he will be, as there’s still speculation that he will end up being equal to the recent Omega Supreme in stature, whereas a lot of folks will be hoping this goes all the way to being the same height as his nemesis, Fortress Maximus. To be fair, it’s hard to imagine those two not standing eye-to-eye, but then the G1 toys were very different sizes back in the day and people were also a bit disappointed that Titan Trypticon didn’t end up bigger versus Metroplex… so time will tell.

Either way he’s a mighty sight and has definitely won over the majority of fans online. The proportions and head-size are worth noting, as he’s not as exaggerated as a lot of attempts at this character and thus more in-keeping with his classic portrayals in G1 fiction. Those ankles look a little hollow from what we’ve seen thus far, but let’s see how it pans out.

Speaking of the head, it seems the designers have done something extremely clever with how it transforms and have taken into account the character’s portrayal in both the Japanese Headmasters series and the Sunbow 3-partner, The Rebirth. You see, Scorponok’s head becomes a very accurate depiction for MegaZarak from the Japanese animation, but then his head in turn becomes a spot-on portrayal of Lord Zarak from the Western series. Two birds, one stone. This dual Headmaster gimmick also seems to imply that Scorp will indeed be sizing up to the same height as Fort Max after all, especially as MegaZarak appears to be about as big as Cerebros.

Scorponok’s base made is again looking pretty swish and very in-keeping with his G1 toy, although it’s hilarious to note that they’re showing it off in comparison with Autobot toys like Wheeljack and Cliffjumper. Meanwhile, speculation has already turned to potential repaints that could be made of this mould, and there’s no doubt that a lot of people will be crossing their fingers for a Black Zarak deco further down the line (hopefully with a remoulded head, though). That Fasttrack staff mode would certainly look pretty useful if such a release were to happen!

Scorponok is apparently slated for release around August, meaning he will no doubt become one of the big ticket items a lot of collectors will look to pick up during convention season. Anyway, for now let’s just say that plenty of people are already very excited about the 4 new reveals, and I’m sure will be looking forward to seeing more pics soon.


So, that’s our list! Are there any points we’ve missed? Thanks for reading!


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