REVIEW: Fans Hobby MB-11 God Armor

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was publishing my review of the first version of this toy out of the gate – Fans Hobby’s MB-11A God Armor – but now we’re back looking at the mould in its more traditional red and blue colour scheme. Some might say that it’s a slightly strange move from Fans Hobby to drop one so soon after the other, but I’m still marvelling at how much fun the original version is so I’m more than happy to give this new one a spin too! Let’s dive right in.

The mould itself is identical to the black version, so I’d suggest giving that review a read for a more detailed look at some of the features. Still, there’s plenty to be admired here as this toy looks nothing short of awesome with the new colour scheme. In fact I think it’s even nicer overall!

There’s something about those blue windshields that really catches the light superbly well. Additionally the red sections add a welcome bit of warmth, and ably tie this guy together nicely with Fans Hobby’s own Power Baser. The two look really stunning together, and do a great job at bringing to life the designs from the cartoon with a bit of stylised flair.

I’ll also add that I found this version to tab together a bit better in vehicle mode, as opposed to the black version where I could never quite get the side panels just so. Overall this toy is a real knock-out in vehicle form. As before the front section opens up to reveal an inner cockpit where you can house the mini-figures included with this set.

It looks really great with some superb detailing, and I love how the little peeps can look through the windshields when they’re stowed away.

The three figures themselves are intended as representations of the Junior Headmasters from Masterforce, who were depicted as children in the cartoon. They turn into the heads for the robot forms of Goshooter, Cab and Minerva, the last of which has a toy from Fans Hobby already on the way. We can only hope it won’t be long before we see the other two as well, especially as they’ve done a really lovely job at bringing these three to life.

The head modes themselves also look amazing, ably calling to life the robots we know from the cartoon. It’ll be very exciting to see how this project develops!

Back to God Armor and it’s fair to say that he looks pretty spiffing in his robot mode in this new colour scheme! The transformation remains a simple affair, requiring you to separate the vehicle mode into its component pieces and reassemble in robot form, the result of which is certainly handsome.

I did like the robot mode on the black version already, but there’s little doubt for me that it works better in the traditional red and blues. There’s just a bit more going on to create some visual interest, and the different tones of blue really pop. He looks great with his swords stowed on his hips and his God Cannon pegged to his shoulder.

The articulation remains a slight oddity on this fella, with only minimal waist swivel and neck rotation due to the nature of how the transformation comes together, but it’s not enough to impede you having some fun with him overall. I still find those hip plates a little distracting too, but with a bit of care you can get them into a decent position for more dynamic poses.

Of course the real treat is observing this chap next to Power Baser. As with the black version it’s hard not to be awed by the sheer presence both these toys bring. You’re going to need a big shelf to display them on together!

In fact it was this comparison between the two that confirmed in my brain that the red and blue versions are my favourite. Be it ever so traditional, you just can’t beat those colours! It helps that Fans Hobby have chosen such a vibrant palette too.

They really are an excellent complement for one another, and definitely make me keen to see more Masterforce characters recreated in this style.

For now though they shape up nicely next to the likes of lots of other Masterpiece-style toys, be they third party or official. The scale of them is certainly impressive!

Even next to the likes of Fans Hobby’s own Monsterbot trio they look really massive! It’s quite the achievement.

But of course the real delight comes from combining both toys to form the God Ginrai mode. Just look at this thing in all its glory!

I was already really impressed with the black combined form, but again the new one takes it for me. That blue is just so sparkly and eye-catching!

I also found that this version felt a little more stable in my experience. It wasn’t a major problem on the black version overall, although the waist swivel on that Power Baser was looser than I’d have cared for. No such problem here it seems, so the whole result just hangs together that little bit better.

The detailing is again really impressive, and I love the slightly sparkly finish to the silver chest section along with the translucent blue windows and lights. It all looks stunning.

The combined mode isn’t the easiest thing to pose in the world, but with a bit of thought you can definitely get him looking suitably imposing – especially with those massive swords!

I’m also really digging that slightly updated headsculpt, and I love the way the side panels and main crest extend outwards to make it bigger for the combined form.

So, as predicted it’s a bloody marvel of a thing, and looks like a belter stood next to the likes of Fans Hobby’s Double Evil. Seeing a God Ginrai versus an Overlord on this kinda scale is unprecedented but still rather wonderful!

In fact it says something about the size of Fans Hobby’s ambitions that they’ve so quickly and ably brought these various characters to life in such a competent fashion. Here’s hoping they continue that trend with Minerva and beyond!

It’s interesting to see how the combined mode scales with other toys such as Legends Grand Maximus, which is of course also a character from Masterforce. In truth the Titan is actually way too tall in this case, as he was presented as only being a little taller than God Ginrai in the cartoon, but it’s still a fun comparison nonetheless!

Then there’s the likes of Masterpiece Star Saber, who is arguably too small! It’s not miles off, but MP-24 could’ve maybe been a little bigger than in fact he was. The two still look great together though.

Still, size quibbles aside there’s no doubt that the combined form of Power Baser and God Armor looks nothing short of super versus all kinds of Masterpiece toys, official or non, and I’d be hard-pressed to not give this release a decent recommendation overall. Assuming you have the space for him, that is!



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