COUNTDOWN: 10 popular Transformers Twitter posts from November that need to be seen

Love it or hate it, Twitter is a thing! In fact there’s lots of fun to be had for Transformers fans on the social media platform, with plenty of creative types sharing artwork, photos, videos, articles and all kinds. There’s also a tradition called #FF, which stands for “follow Friday”, where people highlight the accounts that they think other users might be interested in. So for today’s Countdown that’s exactly what we’re doing, by rounding up 10 Tweets from November that caught our eye, all of which earned over 200 likes. They’re presented here in no particular order, as they’re all worth a look!




Simon is a popular comic book artist with an amazing career and a fantastic Twitter feed! He’s recently posted some edited stills from the 1986 Transformers movie where he’s presented the characters with their classic comic book looks, instead of the more familiar animation colour schemes, and it’s a lot of fun! This one of Galvatron was the most popular, but check out his feed for more. We hope he keeps going!



Derrick J. Wyatt is a very talented person who Transformers fans may know as having been responsible for the art design on Transformers Animated.  That alone makes him worth a follow, but on top of that he posts stuff like the above which is just pure perfection.



Ian Reid is a very well-known Transformers photographer with a great reputation in the community, and for good reason. He does a lot of the promo pics for companies like Mastermind Creations and has recently been debuting some shots of their upcoming Ocular Max Assaultus. Smashing!



Solartron! has been gifting us by posting a huge number of vintage Transformers adverts of late, and boy, they’re really something to see! We particularly loved this one (Powermaster Prime! Pretender Bumblebee voiced by Dan Gilvezan! Micromasters!) but honestly, they’re all worth a look. Keep up the good work.



Dan Ghile is an all-round lovely chap and a big-time Transformers fan. He collects a lot of the current mainline stuff and then does super creative stuff like this with it. Bravo!



This freelance artist posts all kinds of amazing content, much of it Transformers related, but this recent TF/ GoBots mash-up really caught our eye! It shows off the differing styles of the two cartoons amazingly well and gives us a fun look at what could’ve been. Wonderful.



Out of Context posts are a definite trend of late. They present clips or screenshots from your favourite TV shows, comics or films in a no context manner, often with hilarious or unexpected results. Out of Context Transformers does exactly what it says on the tin, and is just as entertaining as you’d expect.



There are many talented photographers on Transformers Twitter, but CybertronWarriors is definitely one of the most polished. Don’t believe us? Just check out this stunning example. ‘Nuff said.



Needless to say we’re pretty excited about the new Masterpiece Blackarachnia, and we’re very jealous of the fans who have her in hand already! We’ve seen tons of creative Tweets showing her off but this one is a favourite, just for how simple but effective it is, but also for the wonderful use of the original Transmetal Tarantulas toy.



It’s not an understatement to say that for many people, Graham is *the* account to follow on Transformers Twitter. Funny, quirky, creative and above all a bloody lovely person, he definitely knows how to keep providing us with wonderful content, as evidenced above.


So, that’s our list! Do you have any accounts that’re worth following that we missed? Let us know!


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