COUNTDOWN: #sevendaysofprime – 30 amazing photoshoots you need to see!

Everyone loves a good hashtag, right? Well this week Transformers social media has gone into overdrive posting their photos of the one-and-only Optimus Prime, using the hashtag #sevendaysofprime to celebrate the iconic Autobot leader!

So what’s the deal? Well it’s pretty simple! Take some pics of your Optimus Prime toys and post them on Instagram (or Twitter). Each day has a different category and it’s up to you to interpret how best to represent them.

The event is still running for a few more days but there’re already hundreds of pics available online from a wealth of talented Transformers fans.

For today’s Countdown we’ve picked 30 Instagram or Twitter posts that caught our eye for one reason or another, presented here in no particular order as they’re all worth a gander!

There are loads more fantastic examples live on social media – apologies if yours doesn’t feature, but we couldn’t include everything! – so be sure to check out #sevendaysofprime on Instagram and Twitter to see plenty more awesome pics!



Let’s start off with a bang! Everything about this pic is so highly polished and well put-together. It also features some incredibly creative posing!



G2 Laser Prime always catches the attention, but we love how it’s been paired with WST Prime for a bit of extra fun.



Lovely pic! Great use of depth of field to achieve a haunting feel.



HISHE vs Transformers? Many fans will certainly have wished that this is how things went down in 2005…



You should check out this account for plenty of amazing TF pics, of which this is a stunning example!



G1 Prime still has a sublime vehicle mode, and this shot shows it off nicely.



Wow, this is really something! I particularly love the inclusion of the video showing a BTS perspective.



Double props for making a Beast Wars homage but also including MP-1.



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On day 2 of #sevendaysofprime , nothing screams heroic like this classic moment. I’ve shot it many times in the 2 months since getting MP44 on the new and old phone. I think this is about as good as I’m going to get it. The new Revoltech on the other hand… well you’ll just have to judge for yourself! Can you tell which of the MP-44 photos are from the older phone? – Figure: MP-44 Optimus Prime & Amazing Yamaguchi Optimus Prime. #transformers #optimusprime #autobots #mo44 #autobotsrollout #transformerscollector #robotsindisguise #morethanmeetstheeye #generationone #transformerstoys #toyphotography #toystagram #actionfigures #mecha #toycollector #toyslagram #transformersaddicts #transformerscollection #transformersg1 #actionfigurephotography #transformersmovie #toyartistry #transformersmasterpiece #epictoyart #takara #takaratomy #hasbro #revoltech #amazingyamaguchi

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HQT is blessed with some of the most gorgeous sunsets we’ve ever seen, but makes full use of them every time.



This might be the best Transformers display idea we’ve ever seen… and it looks amazing for posed pics too.



A wonderful use of effects parts to create a memorable image.



Woof. These pictures are just glorious. If that doesn’t get you excited for the forthcoming 3A Deluxe Optimus Prime, we don’t know what will!



Beautifully haunting and stunningly shot.



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Tallus76 often creates scenes of big action, and we thought this one definitely had The Touch!



It’s definitely a Hot Toy. I mean, it’s actually on fire!



A wonderful use of the outdoors to create a supremely snowy scene!



With some great use of effects pieces and backdrop scenery, this pic really brings the action to life.



Simple, crisp, elegant and lovingly shot.



Something about this photo really makes the toys pop off the screen – great stuff!



Into the Optiverse? A wonderfully composed shot of three versions of your favourite robodad.



We’ve seen this scene homaged many times with Masterpiece toys, but we think this set-up with the G1 figure is just wonderfully done!



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“Their engines the key that unlocks their Transformer energy!” – The theme of today’s #sevendaysofprime was vehicle mode, so here is my favourite Optimus Prime of them all, Powermaster Optimus Prime, in truck mode with a pic based off the old Powermaster toy advert. – – #transformers #optimusprime #powermasters #throwbackthursday #transformandrollout #transformersg1 #transformersg1toys #decepticonclique #g1outcasts #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance #toyunion #toystagram #vintagetoys #toynation #transformersaddicts #tfcollectors #toyphotography #actionfigurephotography #transformeroftheday #toysyndicate #transformersphotography #toyoftheday #transformerscollection #godginrai #toyartistry #epictoyart @transformersofficial

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Toyboxsoapbox is excellent at finding simple but new and creative ways to shoot old toys, as evidenced by this cracking pic.



If you haven’t come across Kevin’s Photoshopped recreations of classic TF comic covers, then they’re definitely worth checking out.



Roll out! We don’t even want to think about how long they all took to transform…



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A wonderfully stoic pose which really captures this toy beautifully.



Great posing and some nice effects really bring this pic to life.



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So I’m going to do this #sevendaysofprime thing that I found through I couple of Transformers accounts that I follow. I’ve seen community “events” like these before but I’ve ether not had the right figures, or was to late. And unfortunately I did miss the first day, because I wasn’t aware of this yesterday, but decided to join in a bit late. Initially I was going to just delete all these, because i don’t want to spam everyone’s feed with some low quality shots I put together, but I’m really happy with this one I took today so I may keep a couple. And if you’re a transformers fan/collector I encourage you to join in to, it’s actually very fun. – – – – – #optimusprime #transformers #transformersstudioseries #mjolnir #captianamericasheild #marvel #marvellegends #hasbropulse #figurephotography #toyphotography

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Is he worthy? Of course he is! This photo isn’t just fun but it’s really nicely put together.



We think every now and then we all need a reminder of just what a fab toy MP-10 is, and this shot communicates that brilliantly.



Wonderfully shot and a really creative way of using these toys in one scene.



And this is what it’s all about, isn’t it? A battered but well-loved and oft-played-with toy. You just know he’s seen some adventures!


So, that’s our list! Be sure to check out #sevendaysofprime on Instagram and Twitter to see plenty more awesome pics, and why not have a go yourself if you haven’t already? After all, Transformers is supposed to be about having fun, so get to work!


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