COUNTDOWN: 15 Masterpiece repaints we’re still longing to see happen!

The Masterpiece line is well-known for its repaints. You’ve got your Diaclone homages, your “plus” cartoon repaints, your toy deco’s, your obscure movie references… it’s a thing. However there are still quite a few potential repaints that the line has yet to tackle, so today we’re counting down the 15 examples that we’d most like to see!

Oh, and much of this list was inspired by the wonderful digibashes of chchchch, whose work can be found on his Twitter page and features throughout this list. Thank you to Chris for supplying us with his wonderful images. Here is his latest imagination of a Masterpiece Action Master Optimus Prime… woof!

You’ll note that Chris cites the sources of the images he uses for his digibashes within the finished pictures themselves.

Anyway, let’s get on with the list!


#15. Toy colours Optimus Prime (MP-44)

Kicking us off in style in this wonderful digibash from Chris which shows what a toy-inspired MP-44 repaint could look like. This one we think actually has quite a high chance of getting made, especially as MP-36+ already repainted Megatron into a highly-accurate toy scheme with newly-moulded parts. The two would certainly look spectacular together and would arguably be a big draw for people who were tempted by MP-44 but don’t like the high degree of animation accuracy seen in the main MP line.

Oh, and whilst we’re here, we may as well also mention that we’re still pining for the day we get a Masterpiece G2 Optimus. Just sayin’.


#14. Marvel comic colours Soundwave (MP-13)

Artwork credit: Akin / Garvey / Yomtov

Soundwave is… purple? Yep, in the Marvel comic the familiar Decepticon cassette player had a very different look to what you might remember, sporting a completely unique colour scheme and even having a mouth! It’s quite the departure (and made even weirder by Soundwave being in his traditional blue colour scheme for the UK-exclusive storylines!) but we’d love to see it happen in Masterpiece form. And hey, it’s not that unusual an idea – they already did a comic-coloured MP Ratbat repaint (as a GI Joe crossover exclusive).

Artwork credit: Delbo / Bulanadi


#13. Toy colours Sunstreaker (MP-39)

Another amazing digibash and one that is sure to show you how wonderful the idea of toy-themed Masterpiece toys really is! Again, there’s plenty of precedent for this, especially as MP Cordon has already done the hard work by featuring a newly-designed toy accurate head sculpt. We’d put money on this coming to fruition at some point.

Oh, and the original version may not be out yet, but we’ll take a toy-accurate Hound whilst we’re at it, please. Just check out that digibash!


#12. Hauler (MP-35)

Hauler is one of those characters whose existence either baffles you beyond belief or has you shouting his name as a suggestion each and every time an Inferno or Grapple toy is announced. The G1 original (actually known as “RoadHauler”) was an e-HOBBY exclusive from 2003 that was intended to homage that one scene in the G1 cartoon where a construction crane appears and is referred to as “Hauler”. In truth it was an early animation attempt at Grapple, but it’s never stopped fans’ imaginations churning, and we’d still love to see a Masterpiece Grapple repaint all done up in a garishly green colour scheme. Chances of this happening? It’s looking unlikely at this stage but you never know.


#11. Action Master Thundercracker (MP-11)

Every time I post a picture of this toy somebody inevitably asks WTF it’s all about. Yes, the 1991 European-exclusive release of Action Master Thundercracker is a sight to behold and definitely divides opinion. That said, we’d love to see it happen in Masterpiece-form one day, even if it is a bit in-your-face. It could be an MP-11 repaint, but as we suspect a new interpretation of the Seeker mould is on the way very soon, we’d definitely rather see it done on that design instead! Bonus points if he comes with his transformable suit of armour too.


#10. Black Ironhide (MP-27)

This one we’re amazed hasn’t happened yet! Considering the number of Diaclone homages in the Masterpiece line (even as recently as MP Cordon), it’s flabbergasting to think that we’ve never been gifted with a black repaint of MP-27. In fact, it’s even more surprising when you consider that the mould has only ever been used for the original Ironhide and Ratchet colour schemes! Are they still likely to give it a go? We certainly hope so, as it’s a brilliant design and we’d definitely like to see it given one more chance to shine.


#9. Powered Convoy (MP-44)

MP-10 was infamous for being repainted in all kinds of different colour schemes. Black, white, purple, orange, green… you name it! But you know what we never got? BLUE! What’s even more bizarre is that this is one of the colour schemes with the most precedence, given that it’s the design for the cab section of Powered Convoy, which was the original Diaclone release of the Ultra Magnus mould. Perhaps they didn’t think it was necessary given that MP-31 Delta Magnus gave us this scheme in vehicle mode at least. Still, we really hope that TakaraTomy see fit to make it happen with the MP-44 mould, although maybe as a trailerless release.


#8. Binaltech Tracks (MP-25)

We’re going a bit leftfield with this one, but how cool would it be to see the MP-25 mould done up in a Diaclone yellow? MP Tracks is such a stunner that we’d simply love to see it done in a new colour scheme (after blue, red and black already), and although the yellow Binaltech paint job is a bit of a one-off, it still sticks in the memory. Chances of it happening? Approximately zero, sadly.

Thanks to for the use of the Binaltech Tracks photo.


#7. Marvel comic colours Megatron… and Ratchet! (MP-36 / MP-30)

Artwork credit: Akin / Garvey / Yomtov

Ok, this might be two toys, but anyone who knows the Marvel comic will understand why we’ve grouped them together… in any case, it would be a dream come true for many a G1 comic fan to see these happen. There’s not too much variance from the cartoon look in either case, but it’s the details that are important. Black helmet on Megatron is crucial (along with yellow eyes), and the red helmet / white pants combo on Ratchet is a must. There’s little chance of it happening sadly, despite previous comic homages such as MP-12G Lambor or MP-8X Grimlock, but it’s fun to dream. Oh, and of course this would be simply essential…

Artwork credit: Wildman / Candelario


#6. Glyph (MP-45)

A bit like Optimus, the Bumblebee mould is one of those that has had just about every colour variant you can think of. Yep, we could have just as well suggested a white repaint or many others, but for our money a homage to the Botcon-exclusive Glyph toy would be the one we’d like to see most. And with the new MP-45 mould soon to be in circulation, there’s a decent chance of something like this happening! After all, it never materialised with MP-21 and they’ll be looking for potential repaint fodder. Make it happen!


#5. Slicer (MP-20)

If Action Master Thundercracker wasn’t your jam then we think we know how you’ll feel about the idea of Slicer, an evil repaint of Action Master Wheeljack, but as far as we’re concerned he’d be an absolute must! That colour scheme is just too much, and would look eye-poppingly delicious on an MP Wheeljack repaint. As with TC, it’d be great fun if they could somehow incorporate his suit of armour into the proceedings, but that’s not essential. That said, we’re definitely contemplating the idea of the below in MP form and thinking how wonderful it’d be!

Oh, and there’s even a Chris digibash for this one! Nice!


#4. Barricade (MP-17)

Artwork credit: Guidi

Acclaimed Transformers artist Guido Guidi often shares some wonderful ideas on his DeviantArt page, and his interpretation of a G1-style Barricade based on a Prowl mould was certainly one that caught our eye. The character may be more well-known for being in the live action movie universe, but it would really be something to see this happen! Those colours… in fact there was even a custom version on sight to see at this year’s TFNation!


#3. Shining Magnus (MP-22 / MP-44)

Sure, you might know him by his, er… other name, but this is actually Shining Magnus, a repainted version of the familiar mould which was released in 2000 and limited to only 800 pieces. And before anyone asks, it’s supposed to be a homage to the comic adaptation of the 1986 Transformers movie when Ultra Magnus briefly obtains the Matrix and is caught in its glow. Obscure? Very. Awesome? Absolutely. Would we love to see this happen as an MP? Oh would we. Will it ever actually happen? Not on your nelly.

In fact far more likely is an MP-44 repaint of the cab section in yellow. Now that could maybe come to pass if we’re lucky.


#2. Red Sunstreaker (MP-39)

Admit it, you knew this would be on the list. The original Diaclone Lamborghini Countach LP500S “Super Tuning” is the grandaddy of all Transformers, and perhaps more than any other entry on this list deserves its spot on the modern Masterpiece roster. If anything we’re a little surprised it hasn’t happened so far, given that MP Cordon followed pretty closely after MP-39’s release, but we haven’t given up hope yet! Just check out that car mode!


#1. Deep Cover (MP-12)

And here it is folks – the one who got away! Yes, despite all the MP-12 repaints we’ve never seen a Deep Cover homage… although lots of people are still hoping it could happen! But who is this chap, anyway? Well, the Transformers version is an e-HOBBY exclusive from 2003, but the original Diaclone toy was available with the Powered Convoy DX set. Perhaps it could partner with an MP-44 blue repaint one day, who knows?

Sadly we think the sun has set on this one and it’s unlikely ever to happen now, but it’s still fun to imagine what could have been…

So, that’s our list! Do you agree with our choices? Did we miss anything out? Let us know if not and of course feel free to suggest your own!

Big thanks again to chchchch for letting us use his images!


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