COUNTDOWN: 30 best Hasbro G1 Micromasters – RANKED!

They say the best things come in small packages, and Micromasters are definitive proof it’s true. The tiny Transformers are fan favourites, which is not surprising as it’s very hard to find a bad one! Although they’ve recently made a comeback in the Siege line, the Generation 1 Micros were released from 1989 to 1990 and came in all sorts of formats. We’ve gone through and compiled a list of the 30 absolute best toys from that time and put them into a ranked order. Simple!

Well, there are a couple of caveats. First up, we’ve only included Hasbro releases, so everything from the Japanese line is out (yes, including Micromasters Combiners!). Second, we’ve not taken into account the bases or vehicles that some of these little chaps were included with – just the individual figures themselves. The only exception is the Combiner Squads, as they need to be grouped together for a complete alt’ mode. We’ve also included only one example of each unique mould. So… relatively simple then!

And with that here we go!


#30. Hydraulic (Autobot Monster Truck Patrol, 1990)

Kicking us off in style is this little lad from the second wave of Micros. He’s a little too reminiscent of another entry further up this list but still wins points for being both handsome and rugged.


#29. Tread Bolt (Autobot Air Patrol, 1990)

The alt’ mode on Tread Bolt is certainly unique and has a lovely paint job, but it’s his goggles in robot mode that sealed his place as the only member of the Air Patrol on this list!


#28. Bombshock (Decepticon Military Patrol, 1990)

The Military Patrol are all awesome, but Bombshock wins points for being a rare straight-up tank Micromaster. He also has nice paint on his treads.


#27. Big Daddy (Autobot Hot Rod Patrol, 1990)

No, he didn’t win a place for the name (although it was enough to put him on another recent list). Still, Big Daddy has a sexy alt’ mode to say the least!


#26. Wheel Blaze & Roadburner (Autobot Metro Squad, 1990)

Our first pair of Combiner Squads Micromasters, these two feature a colour scheme that is an assault on the eyes but still manage to pull it off with charm. Oh, and they have an articulated crane, and who wouldn’t want that?


#25. Groundshaker (Autobot Base, 1989)

Groundshaker is a repaint of Whisper from the Decepticon Air Strike Patrol, but was chosen over his mouldmate for having a more striking colour scheme and some seriously nice stickers.


#24. Direct-Hit & Power Punch (Decepticon Battle Squad, 1990)

Despite those awful names, these two pack a whallop with a lovely colour scheme, nice detailing and a big cannon. I also like Direct-Hit’s pop-up head.


#23. Big Shot (Autobot Battle Patrol, 1989)

Hey, Mr Big Shot! There’s really nothing bad you can say about any member of the Battle Patrol, as ably demonstrated here. He’s not more highly ranked on account of being so obviously phallic though.


#22. Dropshot (Decepticon Military Patrol, 1990)

Another Military Patrol entry and this one’s got a lovely little alt’ mode with neat detailing. I also like his red pants.


#21. Fire Shot & Vanquish (Decepticon Battle Squad, 1990)

Bonus points to these lads for making me want to hum the 1990’s X-Men cartoon theme. Da-na-na-na-na-na-nah! Oh, the toys are pretty ace too, and feature some quite unique ‘bot modes.


#20. Swindler (Autobot Race Car Patrol, 1989)

I surprised myself for not putting Swindler higher. In many ways he’s one of *the* classic Micromasters, and deservedly so. Maybe it’s his big shoulders.


#19. Detour (Decepticon Sports Car Patrol, 1989)

Detour is YELLOW but pulls it off with style. Props too for having a particularly silly car mode but also somehow making it work.


#18. Flattop (Decepticon Transport, 1989)

Flattop may come with a bit of a naff transport vehicle, but the ‘bot himself is ace! It features one of the most unique Micromaster transformations, with a flippy-cockpit thing that kinda reminds me of a G1 Seeker.


#17. Neutro (Autobot Construction Patrol, 1990)

Construction vehicles are cool, let’s be honest. I always have to remind myself that these guys aren’t Decepticons though, for some reason! Anyway, Neutro is a good-looking lad and scores high on this list.


#16. Nightflight (Decepticon Air Strike Patrol, 1989)

I like his alt’ mode a lot but I think Nightflight would have scored lower if it wasn’t for that lovely blue body colour going on. Woof!


#15. Roller Force (Decepticon Race Track Patrol, 1990)

The colour schemes of the Race Track Patrol are *insane* but Roller Force is defo a fave. Hot pink FTW!


#14. Tailwind (Decepticon Air Strike Patrol, 1989)

He may have legs that sorta look a bit mermaid-esque but Tailwind is still a charming lad and has a smooth black face sculpt that totally wins you over.


#13. Hyperdrive (Decepticon Sports Car Patrol, 1989)

Hyperdrive! Silly name, garish colour scheme. Yet somehow he’s ace! He features the “classic” Micromaster car transformation, but pulls it off nicely.


#12. Red Hot (Autobot Rescue Patrol, 1989)

Some Micromasters in the first year felt a little bit like mini versions of popular Transformers characters, and so Red Hot suffers slightly from coming off like “little Inferno”. Still, he has a working ladder and that’s a lot for love.


#11. Sidetrack (Autobot Battle Patrol, 1989)

Ranking just outside of the top ten, Sidetrack is no slouch. He has an awesome alt’ mode, banging head sculpt and nicely-moulded arms. Stunner!


#10. Ironworks (Autobot Station, 1989)

In what might cause upset I’ve awarded the place to Ironworks over his orange mould-mate Powertrain. It was a tough call, but something about the yellow just wins it for me! Plus I like it when these little guys have stickers.


#9. Road Handler (Autobot Race Car Patrol, 1989)

Woah, Road Handler in at number 9! Yes, some people may have imagined he’d win it, especially as he is kinda the poster boy for this line. However, whilst he’s undoubtedly amazing, I judged him down for the bumpy bits on his bonnet.


#8. Stakeout (Autobot Rescue Patrol, 1989)

Stakeout is lean, mean lanky perfection, standing a little taller than a lot of his contemporaries. It’s the same classic transformation, but he overtakes Roadhandler for having actual hands and a bossin’ paint job.


#7. Oiler & Slide (Autobot Metro Squad, 1990)

As the highest ranked Combiner Squad members, these two are maybe the ultimate proof of that concept. They have distinct colour schemes and ‘bot modes, yet come together to form a perfect combined vehicle mode. Lovely!


#6. Seawatch (Autobot Rescue Patrol, 1989)

Oh, hubba hubba! Look at that face sculpt, won’t you? Plus he’s the only boat lad here, so props for doing it different.


#5. Mudslinger (Autobot Off Road Patrol, 1989)

You can sling all the mud at this guy you want but it won’t stick, as he’s bloody gorgeous. An absolute classic in every way.


#4. Tailspin (Autobot Race Car Patrol, 1989)

My favourite of the Race Car Patrol, Tailspin has a quirky ‘bot mode and a unique alt’ mode but makes them both work. Plus he has tiny missiles on the side of his head!


#3. Flak (Autobot Battle Patrol, 1989)

Top three, and here’s Flak with his perfect robot mode and perfect alternate mode. The git. Seriously though, he’s perfect.


#2. Countdown (Autobot Base, 1989)

Nepotism tempted me to put this guy in at first, given our lists are named after him and all. Despite coming with the ultimate in Micromaster bases, he can charm you all on his own merit. I love all the little moulding details going on, especially those fist guns!


#1. Sunrunner (Autobot Battle Patrol, 1989)

Here he is, the very best Generation 1 Micromaster! Sunrunner is just wonderful, with two great modes and a pleasing transformation. I love the elbow bend going on, which brings a bit of extra life to the ‘bot mode, and the alt’ mode scores points for the additional weaponry on top. More like Stunrunner, amiright?


So, that’s our list! Do you agree with our choices? Let us know if not and of course feel free to suggest your own!


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