COUNTDOWN: 16 Transformers toys with hilariously silly names

I had a major epiphany the other day. Rippersnapper, a Generation 1 Transformers toy I have owned since childhood, has a pun name. I honestly don’t know if it makes me love it more or less.

Anyway, having been inspired by that (obviously major) revelation, I figured we’d have a bit of fun with this week’s Countdown and put together a list of the most hilariously silly (intentionally or otherwise) names from Generation 1 of Transformers (though one of the entries is technically G2, but hey). And yes, several of them are Micromasters.


#16. Hun-Gurrr (Terrorcon, 1987)

Perhaps the most obviously punny name from all of Generation 1 Transformers, Hun-Gurrr has the infamy of also being the hardest to spell correctly. Seriously, I have to look this up every time I use it.


#15. Stalker (Predator, 1992)

I’m sure this name was intended to seem cool, like someone who stalks their prey or whatever. Instead it makes him sound like the main character on Netflix’s You, someone who’d you’d be more likely to find behind a bush with a pair of binoculars. I guess he’s a Predator either way.


#14. Horri-Bull (Headmaster, 1988)

Another tortured pun! This one is indeed… horrible!


#13. Big Daddy (Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol, 1990)

Hey there, Big Daddy! Nope, can’t take it seriously. Bonus awful points for reminding us of an Adam Sandler film.


#12. Omega Spreem (Action Master Elite, 1991)

One of those Transformers that doesn’t transform but actually does transform… it’s confusing. As is this guy being an obvious nod to Omega Supreme, but with a significantly more silly name.


#11. Powerglide (Minibot, 1985)

On the face of it, this is fine! He’s Powerglide, ace of the skies! Then someone points out to you that “Power Glide” is also the name of a well-known anal lube and it’s suddenly hard to take him seriously and he goes “up and away”.

And no “suddenly hard” was not an intentional pun.


#10. Nightbeat (Headmaster, 1988)

When you wake up all a fluster and just gotta scratch that itch.


#9. Hot Rod (Autobot car, 1986)

Another of those names that kinda sounds cool until you use it in a sentence. “Hey, you want to see my Hot Rod?” Er, no thanks!


#8. Discharge (Micromaster Combiner Sixturbo, 1992)

One of six members of the Sixturbo team, but very definitely the most unfortunately named. Bonus silly points for having an actual firemen’s helmet in robot mode!


#7. Slow Poke (Micromaster Monster Truck Patrol, 1990)

Quite clearly a reference to something else, but still makes us think of when you’re in the mood but want to take your time.


#6. Lube (Powermaster, 1988)

Oh, c’mon! This guy is Slapdash’s partner, and certainly sounds like he’d come in handy in certain situations.


#5. Ramhorn (Cassettebot, 1986)

Sounds… painful.


#4. Windbreaker (Axelerator, 1993)

Originally called Zap in European markets, you might that that was about as bad a name as could be concocted for this toy. You would be wrong.


#3.Rodney (Headmaster Warrior, 1987)

As a Japanese exclusive, Rodney’s name no doubt does not illicit swarms of giggles every time it’s mentioned in his country of origin. It definitely does in the UK however, where it will absolutely remind you of Only Fools and Horses. Bonus silly points for the toy having a helmet that kind of resembles his namesake’s pudding bowl haircut.


#2. Slag (Dinobot, 1985)

To this day, fans from outside the UK wonder what the big deal is with this name (changed to “Slug” on more recent toys). Let’s just say it’s not very nice.


#1. Erector (Micromaster Transport, 1989)

I mean… could it really have been anyone else? This brave warrior never had a chance.


So, that’s our list! Do you agree with our choices? Let us know if not and of course feel free to suggest your own!


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