Ultimate Holiday Transformers Shopping List

Holidays are fast approaching, and that can only mean one of the world’s best excuses to actually get someone ELSE to buy you an expensive Transformers product for once! How cynical. Fine, buy it for yourself. In pursuit of this highest of noble causes, where should you turn? Well, for a start, let’s not look at any pre-orders as that will only lead to disappointment on the 24th (my neck of the woods) or 25th (your neck of the woods), and let’s also discount those tardy starlets who have experienced end of year delays. Sorry MP Sunstreaker, no feature for you this week! What, then, can you buy at TFSource that will make it to you in time for a seasonal plastic crack infusion?

Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron

Why not start with one of the leading candidates for toy of the year? An almost instant sell-out, Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron finally gave everyone a worthy figure to place at the head of their MP Decepticons to face off against MP-10 Convoy and the ever-growing 80s used car lot. Featuring some of the most advanced Masterpiece engineering ever seen on a TakaraTomy product, as well as some of the flakiest paint, this highly posable and gorgeously expressive magnum opus from TakTom would probably bring tears of joy to anyone as a holiday gift. If you love Masterpiece, and you’re not too bothered by Megatron’s slightly questionable morals, this purchase is an absolute no-brainer. Don’t be a hesitant idiot like me. GET IT.

Oh unless you want to hang on to Apollyon, that is. Tis the season for charitable undertakings and all that.

(He’s not a puppy, you can put him out after the 25th).

Masterpiece MP-12+ Lambor Anime Color Edition

Is it possible that anyone interested in Masterpiece Transformers and Lamborghini Countaches does not yet have a version of this mould? Well, if not, and you’re a huge fan of the cartoon-style paint applications that TakaraTomy are now inflicting upon MP toys, MP-12+ Lambor Anime Color Edition is for YOU! Don’t be a wazzock, don’t wait for the KO, listen to HE WHO TELL YOU! Take advantage of the first time TakTom actually managed to sort out the weapon grip on this mould (probably is moulding by now) and make his face remotely visible. Think of your decaying eyesight as you enter your 40s, and how you will mix up the faction symbols on your figures…not a problem here as Lambor’s galactic-sized Autobot symbol is visible from space.

Anyway, I don’t know what I’m being so smart about, I own every poxy version of this thing, and have MP-12+ on order too. LALALALA not listening to anyone reminding me of last week’s article LALALALA.

FansToys FT-19 Apache

FansToys manage to sneak in yet another movie star just before the holidays that would make a fantastic candidate for gifting success. FT-19 Apache shows how far this company have come in many ways. They’re actually getting from proto teaser to production toy in less than a decade, they are utterly nailing the facesculpt, and they’ve cottoned onto the fact that their stuff will sell like hotcakes even if they don’t send samples out to reviewers any more when the transformation is a pig. And they can get away with robot porn.

Club FT-cana drinks are free, smut and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone! All that’s missing is pu…..No.

MakeToys MTRM-11 Meteor

This one from MakeToys has already been out a short while, but it’s not like you haven’t had a billion other things to blow your money on in the meantime. MTRM-11 Meteor is their version of the traitorous, high-pitch voiced…sigh…it’s fecking Starscream, ok? This one would make the perfect gift for that irritating collector nobody likes, but for whom you are obligated to buy a present. What could ruin a person’s special, magical, peaceful day more than sections of hollow plastic behind the wings of a robot or a jet who can only be displayed in jet mode ON AN ELEVATED DISPLAY SO FAR FORWARD THAT THE HOLLOW PARTS WILL BE VISIBLE FROM THE GROUND?

Posability, accuracy, build quality, value for money and delicious execution be damned. This has the ugly holiday jumper slaughtered for Giftocalypse.

Hey, at least the receiver may be able to send it back to MakeToys and claim the limbs were all installed facing the wrong way. This issue has been documented before.

TakaraTomy Legends Sixshot

Still waiting for your local toy retailer to get stock of Titans Return Sixshot? Why not just buy the TakaraTomy LG-50 Sixshot instead? Actually, I’d be interested to know if they have improved the loose knees and clipping together of the jet nosecone for this version. The headsculpt is more in line with the Headmasters cartoon than the brief cameo in Rebirth, but I think Hasbro have done a better job in that department. At least the LG version doesn’t appear to have any poor quality stickers on it, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if a fair number of (sane) people opted to wait and experience this mould with the first official version of Greatshot since 1989  instead. Only a complete donut would do otherwise.

I have bought LG Sixshot, just FYI.

Now if you’re feeling lucky and want to chance the imminent last-minute receipt of stock by TFSource of things such as Power Of The Primes wave 1 deluxes, voyagers, Prime Masters etc, Mayhem Mekanics Unrustable Bastards or Legends LG-EX God Ginrai (which may have shown up in stock in other countries etc), you should be completely aware of their shipping schedule and calendar for the holiday period. The above images and information will be of great use to you in that regard. Be sure to get your order in on time, or risk missing out. Actually that might be better if you don’t want to have to open “Oh my GOD not another one ?!” toy in front of your delightful in-laws over the holidays. Not speaking from experience, or anything*

*Speaking from experience.

Personally, I’ll be hoping for TakaraTomy Diaclone Big Powered, Legends Misfire, Sixshot, Doublecross, Broadside, God Ginrai and MP-12+ under my tree…but just in case I bought the buggers already anyway.

GOOD LIST. Happy holidays!

All the best


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