TFNation 2017 – What Did You Buy?

Most of us who were at TFNation 2017 in the UK this past weekend would not have wanted the show to end. Such a diverse and wonderful group of people that came together and revelled in mutual love of the Transformers hobby and each other’s company. The good feeling and buzz from the show has continued across social media, and in order to help keep the fire burning, I decided to ask a number of friends and attendees to explain what their favourite show purchase was and why. While the toys and physical purchases made by attendees make up just a small part of the overall memorable experience, it is a good reflection of the diversity and flavour of the event. 

TFNation purchases

~ Tikgnat ~

“My favourite purchase at TFN 2017 is not even a Transformer (although it does convert) and something I had absolutely no expectation of seeing there. It’s a MASK Condor, pretty mint, complete with box and all the paperwork! It may not be the best toy ever (although right now I would disagree) but it’s my favourite because it scratches that itch I’ve had for 30 years! And you see that bit of paperwork at the back that says ‘We really do care!’? Looking at this guy, I believe it.”

TFNation purchases

~ Nic Hughes ~

“Getaway was my toy of the show, but more for sentimental reasons. Recently, while sorting some Transformers I had stored, I was really disappointed to find my childhood Getaway was no longer white. So I thought at TFN I’ll keep an eye out. A good friend told me about about a minty white one he had seen, so I rushed to find it and the second I saw it, I knew I had perfect replacement. Great car, awesome robot mode and a classic transformation! What is not to love?”

TFNation purchases

~ Sixo ~

“My favourite TFN purchase was MakeToys Galaxy Meteor. I’d seen pictures of it online and although I thought it looked great, I’d convinced myself I didn’t need one. That conviction immediately evaporated upon handling a sample of the figure in the dealer room. As soon as you pick him up you realise how much he has to offer past just good looks; he’s super-posable, incredibly dynamic and absolutely tons of fun. Oh yeah, and it’s worth mentioning those good looks too! I was really happy with all of my haul from the convention, but this is the one that I haven’t been able to put down since.” 

TFNation purchases

~ Neurie ~

“My favourite TFN purchase would have to be the commission I got from Nick Roche. I asked for Kup being chased by zombie Outback in a Scooby Doo styling. The guy is a genius and took my idea, perfectly bringing it to life. Super nice guy, friendly and professional through and through. Can’t fault the guy and it’s gonna look even better once JP Bove has coloured it for me. As for my favourite thing from the con, I would have to say the experience, hanging with friends and seeing just how welcoming the community can be. That and excellent friends who give the best birthday presents and tasteful cards.”

TFNation purchases

~ Hoang Thai ~

“These stunningly full-of-character representations of my favourite co-captains by Coralus_SF was – hands down – my best find. I procured most of the awesome things that I’d set out to get at TFNation but nothing matches the raw emotion of finding something you never thought of. Rooted in my adulterated love of MTMTE/Lost Light, I wore Megatron on the belt of my Rodimus costume from the moment I acquired them. In my head canon, it justified why I hadn’t come dressed as the current blueberry Rodimus – because he’d found Megatron! (Wishful, I know!). When I wasn’t in costume, I wore the Rodimus keychain on my gym armband to retain some semblance of character. I left TFNation with both fine pieces attached to my jeans, a goofy grin on my face, and I’m happy to report that’s where they still currently are.”

TFNation purchases

~ Jason Wagner ~

“My favourite purchase is this commission of Death’s Head from Geoff Senior. As Geoff created this before my very eyes, capturing this stoic character perfectly as only he can, a childhood dream was realised as we talked about comics and shared stories of our creative endeavours. It was that moment that epitomises my lasting memory from the weekend, everyone’s absolute love and passion for Transformers. From fans to artist to toy sellers, writers and actors, it was a celebration where everyone was welcomed with open arms. This commission will forever remind me of the love and amazing people I met at TFNation 2017, which considering the subject matter is somewhat ironic, yes?”

TFNation purchases

~ Neuta ~

“My favourite purchase from TFN this year is (versus some stiff competition) is MMC’s Dicamus. In the midst of an overload of amazing art, cool crafts and purdy plastic (and gleefully relentless enablement from my friends) there was only one thing to do – try to complete the line-up of eponymous heroes from Nick Roche and Josh Burcham’s splendid tale Sins of the Wreckers. This badass roadmonster was the last one I needed, but it’s what he stands for that really matters – one friend passing up on the last G1 minibot he needed to complete the set so I could have a Hubcap, and another gifting me a Stakeout when I’d scoured the convention for one to no avail. Friendship, community, and fear of spiders: that’s what makes TFN great.”

TFNation purchases

~ Becca Allen ~

“My favourite purchase from TF Nation 2017 is Titans Returns Deluxe Brainstorm! The Blurr mould is one of my favourites from the TR line for several reasons, the strongest of which is the flawless robot mode, and how the simplistic transformation rids the figure of kibble in either mode. But Brainstorm really does take this toy to the next level: his gorgeous greeny-blue and cream highlights really pop, and the 80’s style decals on his wings and shins are wonderfully retro. Plus, check out DAT ALT MODE?? Sexiest space car ever, I do think. I’m super tempted to pick up the Takara version with the G1 accurate head next month!”

TFNation purchases

~ Kevin Gorman ~

“I could have chosen one of the many figures I bought, something like FT Grinder (in the words of Mr Sixo ‘GEEEEERRR-RIIIIIIIIINNDDEERRRRRRRR-RAAARRGH! 🔥’) or TR Overlord (really surprised how good this is) but I’d be kidding myself. The one purchase I made that means the most to me was a Geoff Senior sketch of Galvatron. Meeting and chatting to Geoff was the absolute highlight of the entire convention for me, and it was a convention of many highlights. This was a man who along with Simon Furman made me the Transformers fan I am today. It was an added bonus to chat to him later in the bar, and as I was leaving on Sunday I got a thumbs up from him in the corridor. Just an absolute gent. Cheers Geoff!”

TFNation purchases

~ Mike Murray ~

“I bought some lovely toys over the weekend, as well as some signed books & comics, so the competition was stiff. Overall though, I think the one I enjoyed most of all was the silly pair of Road Handlers I bought from two different dealers! The first Micromasters I owned as a child were the Autobot Race Car patrol, but as Road Handler was my favourite, I took him everywhere until I lost him one day! I saw a lovely example at the show for a bargain price, only to get the silly idea of buying several to do Micromaster wrestling at the bar later… The latter idea didn’t pan out as I could only find one more solo Road Handler, but they were very popular fiddle toys while people chatted, and the best value-for-money purchases I made that weekend!”

TFNation purchases

~ Dan Ghile ~

“Favourite purchase was either Skyquake or Scorch. Both amazing toys I didn’t expect to experience or love. Scorch has even come on holiday with me! He’s that good! Couldn’t fit Skyquake. So will have to pick Scorch by default!”

So there you have it, not many of the choices were brand new shiny releases – although they were in abundance at TFNation 2017 – but more sentimental, meaningful things tied to experiences people had in their formative years as a result of attending heroes and guests, or even the community itself that they were representing at the event. My personal favourite purchase has great meaning to me and was created with the kind of enthusiasm, spirit and quality that constantly brings me back to this hobby. So, thank you, Nick.

Thank you, everyone.

TFNation purchases

All the best

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