We like to think we know the Masterpiece Transformers line, but every so often TakaraTomy pull something out of their hat which shocks the community. This might be a character previously thought to be off-limits, think Sunstreaker and Bumblebee due to car manufacturer requirements. We can never truly predict what they’re going to do next, even if occasionally the whispers from supposed sources in the know are correct. One area where we can make an educated guess is that of the repaints. 

MP-13 Soundwave

These guesses can come from the history of repaints that define early Transformers history, as well as the original colours that Takara and E-Hobby came up with during the height of the Generation 1 reissue era. With the shift towards cartoon accuracy in all aspects of the new Masterpiece toys’ appearance, some like to think that toy-accurate repaints are something we can expect. Once upon a time Hasbro might have covered that base with their Masterpiece offerings, but that doesn’t seem so dependable these days.

MP-9B Black Hot Rodimus

Despite the sheer weight of history and experience we have with TakaraTomy and Hasbro’s toy repaint strategy, there are a number of Masterpiece recolours that have yet to be teased or talked about officially. We’ll look at a few of those in this article, so where better…or when better to start than the time before Transformers? That’s right, there are a number of notable pre-Transformers colours for released MP moulds/characters that we are yet to see announced.

MP-31 Delta Magnus

MP-31 Delta Magnus may well cover the Diaclone Powered Convoy basics of appearance, but he’s still basically Movie Trailer Magnus in essence, an MP version of the G1 reissue repaint from the early 2000s. The fandom as a whole would probably have wagered on us seeing a blue MP-10 cab being offered by now as an exclusive for something, especially considering how many other Diaclone coloured MPs we’ve had. It’s rare to see the same mould being used for simultaneous releases, so usually we wait for a version of the mould to hit the market before further repaint (or reissue) announcements are made. Once Shattered Glass Optimus Prime was done, grey BAPE MP-10 was due, and when that was done, it was the turn of regular MP-10 to see reissue. Is it time we saw another MP-10 colour announced or reissued? This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed on occasion.

MP-35 Grapple

Speaking of Diaclone colours, I think most of us would have expected to see a Diaclone black recolour of MP Ironhide, and now that the reissue is hitting the market, maybe it’s time for such an announcement. The only remaining Sideswipe/Lambor colour we could reasonably expect TakaraTomy to pay tribute to is also missing, that being the mostly black and blue Deepcover repaint – an homage to the black and blue Diaclone New Countach that came with the fabled Diaclone Powered Convoy DX set. There is precedent after all; E-Hobby Deepcover’s G1 reissue exclusive. Instead, though, the next Countach repaint slot appears to have gone to MP-12+, an Anime Colour Edition of Sideswipe. This is not a big surprise considering Sunstreaker is due, and MP-12+ is scheduled to be just one month apart from his twin’s release. The perfect purchase pairing. Sunstreaker himself may spawn red and police repaints a la Diaclone.

MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker

Regarding reissue G1 exclusives, we’ve had an MP-11S Sunstorm, but we’re yet to see news of a possible Hauler/Road Hauler out of Grapple. There’s still a Shining Magnus repaint to squeeze out of the wonderful MP-22 mould as well, if TakaraTomy fancy making Piss Magnus a thing in the fandom once more. If Micro Change Series is to be considered a viable repaint avenue, then black and chrome versions of MP-36 Megatron should grace us one day. Let’s wait for the reissue batch to hit in December and see what gets announced then. Blue “Cobalt Sentry” versions of Laserbeak and Ravage are quite a ways overdue, too.

MP-36 Megatron

MP-29 Laserwave is an interesting one. If TakaraTomy decide to release him in different colours, there’s the darker purple G1 toy deco or the grey pre-Transformers Astromagnum figure to consider. I would also have thought we’d see some kind of MP-28 Hot Rodimus repaint, but as yet neither the Hot Rodimus, Laserwave nor Starsaber moulds have had any re-use planned. With regards to the Beast Wars Masterpiece figures, there has already been one repaint of Beast Convoy announced, and there appears to be some demand for a Tigatron from Cheetus.

MP-9B Black Hot Rodimus

The prospect of Movie Masterpiece figures starting up again also makes one question how much capacity TakaraTomy will have to fill in the gaps that we as a fandom might want them to when it comes to lesser known repaints, but repaints we deem as making sense and require for the completion of the Diaclone/E-Hobby/Whatever sub-category nonetheless. Whatever we may desire and expect from them, I think just about the only thing we can count on is that TakaraTomy will not be giving us the obvious, and as lovely as that is for the most part (Megatron, Sunstreaker, Bumblebee etc), I do so want a Deepcover.

Masterpiece Deepcover?

Masterpiece Deepcover?

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