Toy Review: MakeToys’ MTCM-04A Axle

MT Axle

Guardia is definitely off to a great start!!

MakeToys has kicked off their “Guardia” (Transformers “Defensor”) combiner team with Axle (“Groove”.) I was weary about this not being sold as a box set like their previous combiners, but this is an excellent standalone figure in it’s own right. The aesthetic is very reminiscent of Robocop to me and the bigger blaster that he comes with as a weapon really takes the cake. Axle has a nice range of poseability and I like that they were able to include some swivel in the torso area since the waist itself does not have the split to be able to rotate in itself. The aesthetic is a a lot complex looking than it actually is, and this is a legitimately fun piece to mess around with. An area that stands out is the height in robot mode. At 5.5″, this is about 3/4th of an inch taller than the average “limb bot” from Fansproject and MakeToys so it does look a bit off standing next to the others (as pictured below.) However, it’s nice to see some variety in their heights; I’d only wished that they had begun this sooner.

Per the “Complexity Bar” on the box (which is freaking awesome), the transformation on this is a 4 of 5. I personally say it’s a 3 of 5 tops. There are a lot of steps in the instructions, but a lot of them are simple things like twisting an arm and whatnot. The video review above provides a detailed, step-by-step look and even that only lasts a few minutes. Axle’s alt. mode itself is well done and very cohesive. That huge blaster mounted on the side for storage also looks incredible.

MakeToys did a good job with Axle, and I’m looking forward to the next of the Guardia team.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

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