Toy Review/Pictorial: X-Transbots Apollyon

XTB Apollyon

X-Transbots is on the right track

When I first got Apollyon, I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t seen any reviews or thoughts prior and my experience with Ollie wasn’t very pleasant, so I had already prepared myself for a bit of disappointment. However, I’m glad to say that this is well worth the money in terms of quality and what you get in the box.

Apollyon comes with a nice variety of accessory from his mind control helmet to his beam saber to even a key to Vector Sigma. It also has a really cool LED gimmick for his arm cannon (that acts as the gun site in alt. mode). He also has a decent range of poseability to really help highlight the accessories when he’s holding them. He’s really fun to mess around with even though I did highlight an issue in the video portion with the hip sections becoming unpegged from the crotch area while posing the legs.

In terms of quality: It definitely ranges somewhere between “more than passable” and “good”. The plastic feels good with the chrome paint being somehow sealed in a manner that makes it very scratch and smudge resistant. The diecast feet are a nice touch and it’s got a nice, tight feel to the joints in general (although I did have to polish the balljoint for the right shoulder in order for him to hold up the cannon-arm better). The transformation was also relatively smooth with no fragile pieces that felt prone to breaking from multiple uses.

The alt mode is above and beyond my favorite part about this figure. It’s the best representation of Megatron’s G1 gun mode that I’ve ever seen. It’s huge and really “weighty” feeling in hand while being comfortable to hold. I will definitely be getting another to keep in alt. mode because it’s fantastic.

I think the biggest miffs that people are going to have are regarding the general appearance in robot mode. because of the width of the trigger and base for the top half of the gun, the crotch is wide and leads to a bigger-than-normal gap between his thighs. Also, the calf-area of the legs look a bit short. Those are things that are preference and I can’t steer anyone from, but I will say that they’ll be getting a well-made and quality product regardless of those factors.

Again, X-Transbots is (finally) on the right track and it’s great to see. At $150 it’s a steal.

Overall Score: 7.5/10













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