TFsource Reviews G-07 Punishment Add on Kit

I’m a huge fan of 3rd Party add on kits. It’s how the 3rd Party collecting world got the mainstream start and it’s still a source for awesome additions to your collection. Today we’re going to be taking a look at an add-on kit for Masterpiece MP-17 and MP-18: the G-07 Punishment add on kit!



I won’t put too much weight into the packaging of any Transformers figure, but the G-07 add-on kit comes in a really slick box and Styrofoam insert. This comes in handy when you’re not using all of the missiles.

1_GuiltyG07 2_GuiltyG07 3_GuiltyG07

What It Comes With:

The add on kit really comes packed full of all the accessories you’ll need to upgrade your Masterpiece Prowl and Bluestreak. Prowl gets most of the spotlight with three sets of missiles intended for his deco; the three different styles are from various media/toy that Prowl has rocked through the years. Here’s the combinations you can pull off, although you can mix and match if you absolutely want to 😉

9_GuiltyG07 10_GuiltyG07 8_GuiltyG07 16_GuiltyG07

Unless you ordered two of the Amazon exclusive run on these figures, adding the missiles to the figures is something you’ll need to do on the aftermarket (not to mention I really think the Datsun MP mold needs them). The missiles that come with the Punishment add on kit deliver beautifully. Here are some close ups:

13_GuiltyG07 12_GuiltyG07 11_GuiltyG07 17_GuiltyG07

Also included in the set is a fun little item worn by Prowl in the original Generation 1 Episode “Roll For It.” Although it’s not needed by any means (and many fans won’t recall what it’s from) it’s nice to have and it offers a different display method for your figure. It can be scary putting it on/off at first, but the plastic is very durable. Once on, it looks pretty cool.

14_GuiltyG07 15_GuiltyG07

Alt Mode Capability:

The missiles can also be joined onto the rear of each vehicle, so no worries with having to store them when not in robot mode.

19_GuiltyG07 20_GuiltyG07

The Gist:

The G-07 Punishment add on kit is really good and gives you everything you need. The plastic is solid, no issues with putting on or removing the missiles, and you get plenty of options with the set (my personal favorite is the white “comic styled” missiles Prowl can wear). You may be getting a little more than you truly need, but if you enjoy switching up your display options (or if you have multiple figures) then this set is definitely the one for your collection.

You can order the set now at TFsource for $29.95 and upgrade your Masterpiece Datsun figures!


Thanks for reading all!

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