Toy Review/Pictorial: Fansproject’s Smart Robin

Fansproject continues to up the standards of their Function X line with their latest release, Smart Robin! This awesome tribute to Brain Storm mixes impressive engineering and aesthetic to please fans on multiple levels.

Even though it’s missing the classic face mask seen on the original, G1 toy that it’s homaging, the face design on Smart Robin is fantastic. Topped off with a sleak silhouette and a beautiful, vibrant blue: This is a really special one to lay eyes on.

While the head master itself features extremely limited posability while in robot mode, the main robot body is wonderful, and I love that the poseability keeps increasing as we go more deeply into the Function-X toyline. All doubts that I had with Code have been erased with the releases of Quadruple U and now this. Another great feature is the ability to store his two guns on his back (even though it’s a function that’s necessary for it’s transformation to alt. mode.).

A fulfilling transformation with some great “shifting” of appearance leads to an alt. mode that’s an insanely impressive throwback to the original, G1 toy’s alternate mode. The one, minor nitpick I have is that I wish the upper fins in back were more angled like the original.

As said above, this one delivers on multiple fronts. I’m certainly enjoying watching the engineering and overall fun factor of this line “evolve” with each release as well. This joins Quadruple U as another “must get” from Fansproject.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions:

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