TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Circuit

By now most collectors who personally subscribed to the first  Transformers Subscription Service should have received the third figure from the TFSS collection: Circuit! A updated take on the Generation 1 Action Master, this version of Circuit was used from the 2010 Deluxe Axer mold. Read on to view some images and my highlights/concerns of the latest from the Subscription Service!

Bio Card and Packaging

First thing to be aware of, and to simply accept at this point, is your Circuit will come with a little bit of paint ware straight out of the box. Once again these were packaged so that Circuit’s red spikes on the top of his roof rubbed against the cardboard during shipment.

From what I’ve heard and read, this is pretty much widespread. My honest opinion is that it’s not horrible, but I have higher tolerances for this kind of stuff. The TFCC has stated they have been speaking with their distributor, so hopefully this does not become a recurring issue. Be prepared for faded spikes though.

On a brighter note, the bio card and art for Circuit is phenomenal as always!

Alt Mode

As mentioned, Circuit is redeco from the Axer mold of the 2010 Transformers toy line. The TFCC did another fantastic job with the paint apps and REALLY delivered a vintage Action Master look. These colors are bright and wacky! You’ll need to be a fan of the Action Master toy line to appreciate just how crazy these colors are, but this beast of an alt mode carries it well.

Robot Mode

I’m not  huge fan of this mold from past experience, and Circuit doesn’t change my personal opinions too much. The transformation is a bit tricky and finicky in spots with the arms because they tend to pop off. It won’t be a figure to transform back and forth in my opinion because of this.

You won’t get the most dynamic of poses, but this mold carries very well due to its menacing stature. The Action Masters color palette carries over well to robot mode while doing a pretty good job at staying true to the G1 color layout. It’s understandable why this mold choice was used for Circuit as the head-sculpt looks very much like the G1 head. It’s also cool to see the engine block can be used as a weapon and swapped out with other 201o Transformers molds (like Ratchet’s cannon).


If you’re a fan of the Club’s previous Action Master figures, this one will be no different. The Club can be at its best when they attempt figures like this, but this does cater to a very niche part of the Transformers collecting community and will not be the most highly desired. For the low price of entry though, it’s a cool oddity to add to your collection.

You can order Circuit and other Club Exclusive figures using this link – Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive

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