Toy Review – MakeToys Hyper Novae’ (Nova Prime)

MakeToys comes on strong with their homage to Nova Prime with HYPER NOVAE’! A retool of their previous “Battle Tanker” molding, it brings a great visual presence mixed with a nice amount of playability.

You definitely see the throwback to the previous battle tankers with this cybertronian truck and trailer, but they did a good job of retooling both the trailer AND cab to make it blatant that it’s referring to IDW’s Nova Prime:

The colors pop, and the little details like the blue underneath the rims are extremely well done.

Unlike the previous Battle Tanker releases from MakeToys, this iteration does come with it’s own cab which turns into the core bot. Being a retooling of the original Battle Tankers however, it is a slightly larger retool of Hasbro’s “Reveal The Shield” Laser Optimus Prime. I don’t mind this, however it was a bit disappointing that, as a core bot it retains the same headsculpt used for the armored-up version. In a way, it makes the core bot seem a bit pointless. On the other hand, I do appreciate that they at least gave it a different transformation for the shoulder pads to use in this mode to help vary it some.

This is going to be the “make it or break it” point for most as it’s the true homage to Nova Prime. Combining with the trailer in a Battle Tanker-esqe fashion, this toy gets about a half inch of height and GORGEOUS wings to make it a very fun display piece with a good amount of balance and poseability while carrying a pretty heft backpack.

The first release, sold on, came with model sprues full of clear orange pieces and silver stickers to accent the wings. Admittedly, they took me around 45 minutes to put on. Tight clearances and hard plastic make it a pain. However, once in, I could not even imagine looking at this without.

With the wings, I love the poseability of them. There are a lot of options with how they can be turned and angled in different directions. Check out this “cape” that can be achieved:

Although I would have preferred a completely new molding for this Nova Prime homage, Hyper Novae’ goes above and beyond with what I ever would have imagined being able to do with the existing Battle Tanker designs. A solid release, and one that I’d definitely recommend.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Enjoy a few more pictures of this figure below! Remember to click the pictures to view larger resolutions:

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