TFsource Reviews: TFSS 1.0 Slipstream

The Collector’s Club Subscription Service is in full swing! Check your doorsteps people, the second figure from this 6 figure service should be arriving any day now! We saw in-hand samples of this figure weeks ago so it should come as no surprise that the Fembot Seeker Slipstream is your next subscription toy.


Same style packaging we’ve seen from the first subscription figure (Scourge) and this obviously probably won’t change …

Unlike the tight squeeze we saw from Scourge, Slipstream fits in her styrofoam packaging without any parts rubbing on the cardboard. Out of the package you should not be expecting any QC flaws. It would be nice to see stronger stickers/tape holding the flap down though.

Slipstream also comes packed with the traditional tech spec bio and original art. Very lengthy bio that doesn’t give Slipstream a concrete place in Transformers fiction leaving you to decide which shelf she goes on.

Alt Mode

Slipstream uses the First Edition Transformers Prime Starscream mold, which is easily one of the best figures to come out of the Prime toy line. If you’re a fan of the Prime toy line you’ll definitely enjoy this figure overall, but the alt mode is a very strong point because of how compact and relatively screen accurate it is to the on-screen Starscream design (in other words, the under carriage isn’t THAT bad).

In alt mode there is no molded difference. The obvious change is the purple and jade deco, which the TFCC pulled off pretty well. In-hand my first reaction to the colors was they seemed much darker than I originally remember, but your mileage will vary and I warmed up to them very quickly.

Robot Mode

Again, if you’ve had the First Edition Starscream mold you’ll know how fun, addicting, and well designed the transformation is! Transforming Slipstream from alt mode to robot mode is the perfect bag of being complex without being overly complicated.

The main draw of Slipstream is the newly designed head mold. I think people’s opinions will vary on the design. It’s a mix between an Animated and Prime aesthetic, which is nice. It does feel like the details are a little lost, but the slight smirk on her face makes up for it.

This robot mode has a ton of character and personality to it. Transformers fans have had a running joke that Starscream’s silhouette looks like a females, so Slimstream is an easy transition into the mold. One thing I would suggest is to not push her head/neck all the way in, which gives her that sloping Starscream look. Instead I’ve posed her with the neck just slightly elevated so she’s looking up more.


This is a solid figure from the TFCC’s Subscription Service, but it’s not for everyone. It’s not going to fill any hole in your collection necessarily, but she’s a cool character that is designed from a superior mold. I’d still recommend acquiring her if you’re into the Prime toy line or homages to Animated characters.

You can order Slipstream and other Club Exclusive figures using this link – Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive

– Matt (StayingInTheBox)



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