Keith’s Fantasy Club CST-03 B-Box and CST-04 Birdbomber

So, this is my first time with a KFC product, and I have to say that I’m impressed! Their G1 cassette combiner homage, Boxbomber, has the articulation of a regular, deluxe-classed figure while maintaining the “look” of the older toys that they homage.

(Quick note: disregard the condition of the boxes in this review. They are review samples and retail copies will be in mint condition.)

The first thing I did was check to make sure that they were compatible with G1/Masterpiece boombox characters, and they are:

Afterwards I transformed them into their alternate modes. B-Box becomes a gorilla while Birdbomber is a falcon. Both are very true to their G1 counterparts without coming off as “slavish”

From there, it was time to combine them into BoxBomber. Like the seperate cassettes, it’s very true to it’s G1 homage.

Where this one really gets impressive is how poseable it is. Pulling off dynamic poses with this guy is just something else!

I had lower expectations seeing as they’re “simply cassettes” but I was really glad to be surprised! Order these as well as more KFC products using the “Shop Now” button below.

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