Review: Fansproject WB-003 Warbot Assaulter

In today’s Source review, we take a look at Fansproject’s homage to G1 Broadside in their latest release: Assaulter! Coming in at a scale close to the now-unused “Supreme” class from Hasbro, one of this figure’s most impressive features is it’s height and hefty feel that is something refreshing in the “classics” styled toys of today. On top of that, he comes with an astound FOUR modes to transform him into!

While hefty, this toy features a great amount of articulation in his robot forms, and strong ratcheting joints to help support those poses! Learning from what happened with Defender, they’ve brought us a toy that can withstand the test of time and many poses without fear of joints going “limp”!

To homage the G1 cartoon and toyline, he comes with two robot modes. The more commonly known one featuring his white, helmeted face, as well as his “special appearance” red face. To top off the different robot modes, Fansproject even included weapons that transform and have different storage points for each robot version:

The red-faced version uses the blasters as axes:

Getting into the alt. modes, the first one is an aircraft carrier, which was the one he most commonly used in the cartoon:

To add to the awesomeness, they include a sprue of miniature versions of other (and potentially future) releases of their toys, including bots like Defender and Steel Core! This really adds to the feel of the “mass shifting” that he did in the show to transport fellow Autobots throughout:

Lastly is my favorite mode of his: The jet mode! It fits together so cohesively, and just looks fanstastic! It’s a bulky fighter plane with a certain sleekness to it that I just can’t get enough of!

Featuring the same price as toys featuring far fewer modes and far less size, this isn’t just a great toy, but a great “bang for your buck”! Make sure to add this figure to your collection, as well as look at other toys by Fansproject by clicking the “Shop Now” button below!

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