Review: Takara Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor

In today’s review, we take a look at the latest Masterpiece offering from Takara: MP-12 Lambor (Sidesewipe)! This toy brings the amazing detail and articulation that we’ve become accustom to with the Masterpiece line, while giving this particular toy a show-accurate, smaller scale to “leader” figures like MP-10 Optimus Prime and MP-08 Grimlock. On top of that, the actual Lamborghini licensing let them create a vehicle mode that’s not only very appealing, but true to form.

So, looking at the alt. mode, you can see not only a great likeness to the Lamborghini that it was modeled after, but the picture shown at the beginning of this review shows an awesome way of storing/using the weapons while in vehicle mode:

If you’re like me, then as great as the alt. mode can be, the fun REALLY starts when you get a Transformer into it’s robot mode! Lambor does not in any way, shape, or form disappoint. Featuring a very cartoon-accurate headsculpt and face, with a marvelous paint job.

What really impresses me though, is the sheer amount of poseability that this holds. Even though the toy feels very solid in-hand, there’s definitely not a feeling of any parts being so heavy or cumbersome that you’ll be worrying about loose joints later.

This figure is just plain marvelous, so use the shop button below to purchase this as well as the other great figures offered in the Masterpiece line!

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