Review: IGear MW-03 Hench

In this review, we’re We get a peak at IGear’s Mini Warrior #3: Hench! This homage to Transformers G1 character Brawn lets us reminisce the old while definitely having a nicely articulated and great looking toy of today’s standards.

Firstly, taking a look at the alt. mode, what you notice right away is that it’s a very true homage to the alt. mode of the original character:

With a simple, but rewarding transformation, you have a really nice “Classics” styled Brawn to display with your Autobots.

While on the smaller side of the deluxe class, he has a good mixtures of poseability and balance that you can use for some more dynamic poses:

They also included a 5mm peg hole on his back for weapon storage in both robot and alt. modes:

As a bit of an “Easter Egg”, they’ve thrown in a G1 toy version of the face, which you find by simply turning his head 180°!

And to show off his scaling with your other classics toys, here he is next to Hound:

You can order this as well as other awesome IGear toys by using the SHOP button at the bottom of this post!

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