Review: Mastermind Creations Holiday Exclusive Mirrorverse Cyclops

In this review, we look at the holiday exclusive “Mirrorverse” version of their popular Cyclops figure from Mastermind Creations. Sporting a new deco and even an optional “regular” hand (to replace the canon arm Shockwave is famous for), it’s great to see another version of the most articulated and detailed figure of this size I’ve ever seen!

Rather than go overly in depth about the figure, I’d like to just take the opportunity to show off the figure and the awesome new color scheme. Although Mastermind Creations hasn’t revealed the comic showcasing the back story of this character, one can only assume that it will be the “Shattered Glass” version of the character, where good guys become the bad guys and vice-versa.

And lastly, showing the optional arm:

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