Review: TFC Toys Photron

In today’s review, we’re going to look at TFC Toys’ Photron. This updated homage to Transformers’ Reflector brings the essence of the original robots wrapped in a very sleek DSLR-styled package!

The first thing that you notice about these figures is the larger sizes of these compared to what we’re used to in toys representing reflector. Rather than the standard minibot/legends size, these range between 4.5 and 5.5 inches, which is the standard size for most Classics-styled deluxe Transformers.

The largest of which is Optic Zoom, shown here:

I do like that they gave the middle, or “lead” bot of the group a different aesthetic and larger, more imposing size. The other two bots, Hi Reso and AE Lock, are “twins”:

Even though they share a very similar aesthetic, it’s nice that these two have separate weapon options to keep them apart. Here’s Hi Reso showing off his backpack which can use their blasters as canons when attached:

And, that’s what I love about the robot modes. I’m a big fan of storage, and every piece from the camera mode has a purpose. This includes the lens, which attaches to Hi Redo’s backpack and becomes a canon!

Even though the robot modes are good, what really brings this set to the show is it’s alt. mode! The DSLR camera aesthetic hits on all levels from the texturing to imitate grip points, to the detailing and writing on the buttons which really does a good job of resembling what you’d see on most real DSLRs! As a photographer, these details really make this set hit home on a personal level.

As an added bonus, the lens actually extends to reveal a button which lights the lens up!

This set is definitely an innovative take on a well known group of Transformers. To buy yours, as well as check out the other great offerings from TFC Toys, use the SHOP button below!

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